By Cristina Goyanes
August 19, 2014
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Bossy. We get why Sheryl Sanberg launched a campaign to ban the B-word, but we think it just needs to be modified a bit. Drop the "y" and suddenly it stops trivializing the fact that women are in charge-and have been for a long time.

Thigh gap. No dieting or fitness plan can magically widen your hips to create an unnecessary space between your gorgeous gams. Unless you were born with one, forget about it.

Like a girl. As if the rise of powerful female athletes like tennis phenom Serena Williams, snow queen Lindsey Vonn, and soccer legend Mia Hamm hadn't long made this notion obsolete. When Always unearthed it in for its recent campaign, we couldn't help but think, "Get with the times, people."

Trophy wife. The cancellation of the ABC sitcom of the same name after its debut season this spring is further proof it's a tired and trite stereotype. Science agrees: New research from the University of Notre Dame published in the American Sociological Review confirms that the concept of leveraging beauty to improve one's socio-economic status is largely a myth perpetuated by annoying people who keep reinforcing it.

Another angry woman. Just because you're passionate about your convictions (and maybe get a little animated and high-pitched when expressing your points) doesn't mean you're pissed off. If you really want to see a female mad, this string of words will do it. Our advice: Don't go there.

Doing it all. Do people still subscribe to this impossible idea? A better goal: Scheduling an afternoon when you don't have a damn thing to do.

MILF. Contrary to popular belief, it is not flattering or considered a compliment to applaud a mom for not completely letting yourself go after having kids. It's just rude.

Wife beater. Two better words to describe this white, sleeveless, form-fitting garment: tank top.

One of the boys. Just because you've been deemed cool enough to hang doesn't give these men the right to say and do inappropriate things (like talk about "crazy bitches" and pass gas) in your presence. Newsflash: You're a lady regardless if they want to sleep with you or not, so, guys, stop being jackasses.

Cougar. The good news: Women are finally saying "screw it" to societal norms and turning the double-standard on it's head. It's not your fault that the younger ones can keep up better than the older ones.

On the rag. When it's that time of the month, the last thing you need is a reminder using a disgusting-sounding visual. Instead let's all (men and women) be grateful, understanding, and accommodating, please, because without it, none of us would be here right now.

Daddy issues. Fact is, Daddy would have an issue with you saying that super judgy statement that implies you're needy, slutty, and seeking approval from father-figure-type men.

Tomboy. Maybe it was a welcome label when you were a kid and didn't quite fit in with the other girly girls in your class. But now that you know better, it's a sexist term that should be eradicated from future generations vernacular. Alternative adjectives for active little girls: "athlete," "superstar," and "force to be reckoned with." [Tweet this!]

Wifey. It's one thing if your hubby says it-and maybe that's to get you back for calling him "hubby" or "hubs." But when male coworkers or guy friends who you are not married to you say it, it's just plain condescending. Next time they call you "wifey," make them pay for dinner or give you a foot massage as any good husband would.

Grow some balls. Comedian Betty White said it best: "Balls are weak and sensitive. If you really wanna get tough, grow a vagina! Those things take a pounding!" This astute observation also applies to "Take it like a man," "Don't be a pussy," and "Man up."

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