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19 Eco-Friendly Products That Are Good for the Earth (and Your Life!)

Eco Friendly Product #1: EkoMiko Candle

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Made from a repurposed wine bottle, the EkoMiko candle offers a smoke-free burn. ($70;

Eco Friendly Product #2: Moving Comfort Momentum Run Shorts

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Tread a little lighter in the 86-percent recycled Moving Comfort Momentum Run Shorts ($36;

Eco Friendly Product #3: Wines

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From vine to bottle, Wines are made with earth-friendly practices. ($17;

Eco Friendly Product #4: A Lot to Say Scarf

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Make a planet-supporting fashion statement with the A Lot to Say Green Line Collage Scarf. ($36;

Eco Friendly Product #5: The Heys USA Luggage Set

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The Heys USA Eco Leaves 3-Piece Luggage Set is made of recycled plastics. ($450;

Eco Friendly Product #6: KEEN Santiago Shoes

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A portion of the proceeds from the KEEN Santiago shoe collection helps nonprofit fund micro-loans to small businesses. ($50;

Eco Friendly Product #7: UncommonGoods iPad Sleeve

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Protect your tech with the funky UncommonGoods Upcycled Wetsuit iPad Sleeve ($26;

Eco Friendly Product #8: Prana Fair Trade T-Shirt

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Every Prana Fair Trade Certified T-shirt is made with low-impact, water-based ink. ($40;

Eco Friendly Product #9: Cuisinart GreenGourmet Cooking Set

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The Cuisinart GreenGourmet 12-piece cooking set has 70 percent recycled steel hardware. ($250;

Eco Friendly Product #10: The North Face Venture Jacket

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The new The North Face Venture Jacket uses 50 percent fewer petroleum-based materials. ($99;

Eco Friendly Product #11: AHeirloom Plyboo Cutting Board

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Show off your state pride with a customized AHeirloom plyboo cutting board ($40;

Eco Friendly Product #12: Organic Bikes Water Bottle

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No million-year-old plastics here! The Organic Bikes biodegradable water bottle breaks down in a compost pile within two years. ($7;

Eco Friendly Product #13: Wear Your Music Artist Bracelet

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Each Wear Your Music Artist Bracelet is made with guitar strings used and donated by a famous crooner; profits go to charity. (from $50;

Eco Friendly Product #14: Reveal Audrey iPad Purse

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The trendy Reveal Audrey iPad Purse is made from recycled and cruelty-free materials. ($108;

Eco Friendly Product #15: Yogasana Rug

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Each 100 percent cotton Yogasana rug is handmade by Indian weavers—no electricity needed! The mats are guaranteed to last 15 years. ($60;

Eco Friendly Product #17: GOAL ZERO Solar Panel

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Carry the GOAL ZERO Nomad 7M Solar Panel to charge your phone and MP3 player on the go. ($99;

Eco Friendly Product #18: M2F Brand Denims

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The yarns in M2F Brand Denims are dyed in a non-toxic bath that uses half as much water and energy as other brands. (from $78;

Eco Friendly Product #19: Reef AH-SY-EE Sandals

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The straps of Reef AH-SY-EE sandals contain acai berry seeds from sustainable Amazonian farms. ($40;


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