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20 Genius DIY Gifts Found on Pinterest

The 20 Best Non-Food Gift Ideas from Pinterest

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As much as we love the plates of cookies, tins of fudge, and punchbowls of eggnog that come with the holiday season, you can definitely have too much of a good thing—particularly when it comes to sweet treats. And if you're on a diet or just trying to avoid holiday weight gain, you may even be dreading the office break room or the carolers coming down your street. While you can't do anything about what other people gift you (except provide a gracious "thank you"), you can do your part to help others and spreading the holiday love with non-food gift items that are just as sweet (it's the thought that counts). We rounded up 20 of our favorite healthy, fun, affordable, and easy pins from Pinterest. And, no, you don't need a degree in crafting—we promise! (Also, check out these Best Gift Ideas for Men, Foodies, Fashionistas, and Fit Women in Your Life.)

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Christmas Stovetop Potpourri with Printable Gift Tag

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Who doesn't love a house that smells like sugar and spice and everything nice? All it takes is an orange, some cinnamon sticks and a handful of cloves tied up in a cute little bag. Your friends simply add water and let it all simmer on their stove. Plus, it's super easy to customize the smell and the size. Get instructions here.


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Mistle Toes

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A small bottle of nail polish with a travel-sized tube of body cream nestled into a sparkly bag makes a home pedi a cinch. Tip: Many stores are selling holiday gift sets of nail polish right now that contain up to 20 bottles if you need to make a lot. The more the merrier! Get instructions here.

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Sharpie Christmas Glasses

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Glass tumblers from the dollar store become festive works of art with a few swirls from a metallic Sharpie marker. And don't be worried if your art skills peaked in kindergarten—these look even better if it's not perfect. Get instructions here.

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Infused Olive Oils

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You can buy expensive infused oils at gourmet cooking stores, or you DIY for a fraction of the price With a few ingredients and no cooking, you'll be able to give your family members a way to add both flavor and healthy fats to their meals. For extra panache, steam off the original label, replace it with a hand-written one and tie a few pine sprigs around the top. Get instructions here. (But, if your co-worker is a big foodie, try these 12 Healthy Homemade Gift Ideas.)

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Cinnamon Candles

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Crafting at its very easiest! Buy an unscented or vanilla scented candle (dollar stores are full of these) and a large package of cinnamon sticks. Tie the sticks around the outside of the candle with a ribbon and your loved ones will enjoy the spicy cinnamon aroma as the candle burns. Get instructions here.

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Mason Jar Luminaries

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A bag of clear or colored glass stones and a glue gun turn a simple mason jar into a beautiful, sparkling luminary when you add a candle. Feel free to make that an electric candle for loved ones whose landlords aren't fans of singed curtains. (Get instructions here.)

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Chalkboard Mug

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Plain mugs go from functional to fun after being dipped in or painted with chalkboard paint (available at any hardware store or craft store). Don't forget to personalize the mug with a cute note and a piece of chalk for your friend. Get instructions here.

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Peppermint Soap

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Eating peppermint bark is the best, but smelling like peppermint is a close second—and it's as easy as whipping up a quick batch of these homemade soaps. Plus they're as beautiful as they are good smelling! Get instructions here.

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Grow-Your-Own Flowers Kit

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Brighten up a coworker's cubicle with these tiny, low-maintenance starter plants. And they'll last much longer than that tired poinsettia in the conference room. (Get instructions here.)

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Hand Santa-tizer

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Handshakes, hugs, donation hand-offs, and, of course, the kiss-on-the-lips your grandma always gives you: The holidays are prime touching season! And while all those things can bring good feelings (except maybe grandma's lip kiss), they can also bring germs. So give your loved ones a cute little bottle of hand sanitizer to make sure they're spreading joy—and nothing else. Get instructions here. (We also have these adorable 6 Custom Care Package Ideas for Someone You Love.)

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Stacking Spice Tins

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Spices can take a meal from meh to ah-mazing. And making your own spice mixes is as simple as buying the spices in bulk and mixing in a bowl. You can gift them in pretty cellophane bags or find decorative tins. Get instructions here.

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Wrapping Paper and Tape Gifts

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Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that anticipate a need—and who doesn't need wrapping paper this time of year? Handing out a small roll of paper with a roll of tape to your neighbors will make them as relieved as they are happy. And if you want to include a "rollin' with the homies" tag, we totally approve of all puns. Get instructions here.

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Christmas Tic-Tac labels

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Make a kid (or a grown-up who's still a kid at heart) smile with these custom printable labels for Tic-Tacs. Simply cover the old label with your new one and—voilà—you have packets of Christmas tree seeds (green), reindeer noses (red), snowman poop (white), candy cane seeds (red and white), snowman noses (orange), and snowflake seeds (blue). Get instructions here.

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Homemade Lip Balm

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Chapped lips, like cracked hands and windburned cheeks, are a hazard of the season. So keep your loved ones mistletoe-ready by giving them some of this easily-made lip balm. Not only will their lips stay hydrated, they'll love that there are no weird chemicals in it. Get instructions here.

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Scented Sachets for the Car or Closet

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There are as many ways to make scented sachets as there are scents, but for those of us who are frazzled, overworked, and time-crunched, this is the easiest method. Simply buy a bunch of small cloth bags (linen or chiffon work well) and fill with chips from a scented candle. Tie off with a pretty bow and you're done! Get the instructions here.

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Mint Sugar Scrub

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Dry skin is shedding skin, so save your friends the embarrassment of leaving a DNA trail wherever they go with a batch of this no-cook mint sugar scrub that will help them stay fully exfoliated. Bonus: All that minty goodness in the shower will keep them awake and alert for early meetings. Get instructions here. (If you're friend is a big beauty addict, we also have these 10 Personalized Gifts Under $100.)

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Gourmet Flavored Salts

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For years, most of us thought salt was just the white granulated stuff that we used to prank our siblings with by pretending it was sugar. But these gourmet salts could never be confused with any other white powder. ll you need is a bowl and spoon to put these together. Add smoky, spicy or sweet flavors and your neighbors will love creating new dishes with them. Get the instructions here.

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Sore Muscle Salve

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Kudos to anyone who keeps up their gym schedule during the holidays! To encourage your friends to run faster or lift heavier, make them a jar of this homemade salve to soothe sore muscles. Get the instructions here.

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Mason Jar Snow Globes

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Full disclosure: This is the craftiest item on the list (but it's also one of the most fun!). Make your own little holiday scene in a mason jar, then add water and glittery "snow" to create a personalized snow globe. Warning: You might want to keep it when you're done. Get instructions here.

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Cute Ponytail Ties

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Showing up for your workout and forgetting a ponytail tie is the worst. Treat your friends to a workout without hair in their face. And these hair ties are so cute, your friends won't be ashamed to keep them on their wrist all day, just in case! Get the instructions here.

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