Whether the holidays have you feeling merry or manic, this mindful meditation is sure to keep you calm.


Like food, water, exercise, sleep, and ~happy hour~, meditation is just one of those things that everyone needs. You don't need to be an avid yogi or have a "crunchy granola" mindset to reap the benefits of this amazing practice-both when you're stressed AF and on a regular ol' Monday. (If you need something that works fast, try these get-calm-quick tips instead.)

ICYMI, meditation can not only lower stress levels, make you a better athlete, and help with weight loss, disease, and addiction, but it also can be your secret to clearer skin, increase your pain threshold, help you save money, and serve up a whole slew of other health benefits. (BTW this is what meditation is doing to your brain-so. freaking. cool.)

That's why we teamed up with MNDFL, a New York City–based mindful meditation studio, for a 20-minute guided meditation for beginners on Facebook Live. (That's right, we do this stuff live on the interwebs. This particular one was on Election Day, because, #stress. Follow Shape on Facebook to stay updated on our latest live videos.)

If you're new to meditation, this quick meditation for beginners with instructor Kate Johnson (a mindful yoga and meditation teacher) will get you comfortable clearing your mind and bringing your heart "closer to the surface." It's all about focusing on the right here, right now, through breathing and other techniques, rather than letting your mind run away to tomorrow's big meeting or that blind date you have next week.

Give it a try-you have nothing to lose (except stress, anxiety, depression, etc.), and all sorts of health benefits to gain. If you love it, check out our beginner's guide to meditation. Can't sit still for that long? Try this meditation-meets-HIIT workout mash-up that will transform your body and mind.