When you're addicted to the gym, this is what your household clutter looks like


1. A barely touched tub of protein powder. The "pumpkin spice" flavor sounded so good, but tasted so bad. Still, it never hurts to have a backup around in case of emergencies.

2. Water bottles. So. Many. Water bottles. There's the fancy one you bought to track your H20 intake, the one you bring on your runs, the one(s) you got free from your bank, the broken one that you know you'll get around to fixing eventually, the one you keep in your purse.

3. An emergency snack drawer. Filled with protein bars, nuts and nut butters, turkey jerky…anything to stave off the post-workout hangries.

4. "Retired" athletic shoes. The soccer cleats you kicked your first goal in, the first pair of running sneaks you ever wore out, the (slightly stinky) yoga slippers that are perfectly molded to your feet. Is it weird to want to bronze them and display them alongside your baby shoes?

5. A trendy piece of equipment. The under-desk "elliptical" seemed like a good idea when you impulse-bought it, but now it just sits in a corner of your living room, mocking you.

6. "Good" sports bras. The still-not-too-sweat-stained ones with the funky straps and cool patterns you save to wear with your sleeveless workout tops.

7. "Bad" sports bras. Everything else.

8. Three pairs of headphones. The perfect, comfy, waterproof pair you pray never breaks; the ones you bought on the way to the gym when you realized you forgot the first pair; and the basically broken pair you hold onto for emergencies.

9. Stacks of training plans. They may look like coffee table clutter, but they're actually workouts you found online or in magazines that look fun. Now, if you could ever remember to take them to the gym.

10. A fitness tracker. Whether you stick to an old-fashioned journal to chart your progress or prefer digital trackers, you know that keeping tabs on your activity is a great source of motivation.

11. A pre-packed gym bag. You may not have a first-aid kit, but you've got your emergency gym bag ready to go. It's got a brush, a stick of deodorant, a change of clothes, a spare sports bra, dry shampoo, a clean towel-and everything you need for a spur-of-the-moment sweat session.

12. Wet gym clothes. "Can you use my bathroom? Sure…If you don't mind the sweaty-drenched sports bras, leggings, and tanks that I hung over every spare surface to dry before throwing them into my hamper."

13. Motivating posters or notes. Okay, sticking a "You can do it!" Post-it on your mirror feels a little cheesy. But anything that helps you get up for your 5 a.m. workout is okay in our book.

14. Athletic socks-everywhere. We can't be the only ones who keep buying more instead of washing the dirty ones we already have.

15. Body glide Or Vasoline-and it gets restocked more often than your toothpaste, especially during marathon season.

16. A weird "multiuse" fitness garment you never wear. "Buy this workout scarf-head wrap-skirt-shrug!" they said. "Perfect for transitioning from the gym to drinks with friends!" they said. Yeah, no. Even if you figure out how to wrangle the swath of fabric into one of its many forms, you definitely won't wind up looking as put together as the model wearing it.

17. A wall of fame. Even if it's a drawer or a shoebox under your bed rather than an actual wall, it's nice to have somewhere to display your race bibs, finisher medals, and special snaps of your fitness accomplishments.

18. A printout of your gym's class schedule. Or, okay, at least a PDF version saved to your phone.

19. More leggings than jeans. It's easier to get them over your quads and they look super-cute with your gym sneakers and your riding boots, so it's really not a contest.

20. Random gym swag. The free (and oftentimes flimsy, ugly, or uncomfortable) yoga mats, duffle bags, t-shirts, and headbands you get when you sign up for a new gym or participate in a race or event can really pile up.