Featuring: toilet paper, dehydrated caviar, and dozens of other gifts you'd never think to buy.

By Renee Cherry
November 15, 2019

It's mid-November and y'all know what that means: Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop has released its annual holiday gift guide. Prepare to be entertained, because this year's guide doesn't disappoint. (Related: Pamper Your Mind *and* Body with These 3 Goodies from Oprah's 2019 List of Favorite Things)

If you're familiar with Goop's gift guides, then you know they draw attention every year for suggesting the most outrageous gift ideas imaginable. The brand leans into that reputation with a dedicated section of "ridiculous but awesome" gift ideas. In the past, it's highlighted everything from a yellow submarine to an entire Spanish village. This year's lineup includes a custom plant music installation, a meteorite, and the opportunity to have two photographers follow you and document your family trip. (Related: Mariah Carey Revealed Her Favorite Amazon Gifts)

But one of the craziest options is actually hiding in the wellness enthusiast guide: No. 2 Toilet Paper (Buy It, $34, goop.com). It might be made with sustainable bamboo and come in floral packaging, but there's no getting around the fact that it's really the gift of a clean butt. (Related: Goop Is Finally Getting Real About How They Promote Wacky Health Trends)

Left: Credit: Goop
Center: Credit: Goop
Right: Credit: Goop

Presumably, Goop seems to include such wild gifts to draw people in to consider its less absurd options. And in fact, the majority of the selections in the gift guide would actually make for really nice presents. It includes ideas for travelers, wellness-lovers, chefs, and more, and a lot of the gifts are actually pretty mainstream—perhaps even practical, at least by Goop standards.

Some of the more unique options include the Boska Raclette Quattro 110V Concrete Base (Buy It, $199, goop.com), which melts raclette cheese, and Embr Labs Temperature Control Bracelet (Buy It, $299, goop.com), the ultimate solution for a freezing cold office.

Goop's guide is also packed with plenty of beauty gifts, including celebrity-approved options like Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar (Buy It, $195, goop.com) and Joanna Vargas Euphoria Face Masks (Buy It, $75, goop.com)–favorites with Jennifer Aniston and Gabrielle Union, respectively.

Whether you need a good laugh today or want gift inspiration, the 2019 Goop Gift Guide is definitely worth browsing. Just be sure to think carefully about who on your list deserves the toilet paper.


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