The 2020 coronavirus pandemic is having worldwide repercussions. Whether you're social distancing for the good of your community, manning the front lines of healthcare, or performing another essential service, remember: We're all in this together.
25 Things We Can All Agree On—When We Need Unity the Most
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In the midst of the historically significant 2020 coronavirus crisis, the entire world is feeling pretty shook.

Your Instagram feed is probably filled with a mix of almost-too-real memes, surprisingly creative home workouts, uplifting sentiments, and, yeah, some scary news. You might not know the next time you'll see your family, your BFF, your long-distance bae, or your favorite bartender. You may be grieving the loss of some exciting and emotionally significant plans, like a wedding, a big vacation, or a trip to visit someone you love. You might just be struggling with your mental health in isolation. Or you might still need to work and are dealing with the scary reality of this virus out there every day.

No matter your current circumstance, you could probably use a little bit of brightness in your day. That's why we rounded up a list of things that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and bring people together—even if it's through a FaceTime group chat or Zoom call.

And if you don't vote "yes" to all of these things? Well, maybe you should be social distancing.

1. Puppies


Whether you're a dog person or not, the sight of these fluffy little things is bound to bring a smile to your face. If it doesn't, you might not actually be human. And get this: Puppies actually improve your health.

2. Kittens


Not only are these little guys adorable, but they are total rascals. Who doesn't love some harmless mischief?

3. Really just any baby animals


4. OK, and animals in costumes


5. Or human babies doing weird tiny-human things


6. Sipping a warm drink on a cold day


Even better? A warm alcoholic chocolate drink. Yes, that exists. Meet red wine hot chocolate.

7. Anything that is warm, cheesy, and deliciously gooey


Mac 'n' cheese, cheese pizza, grilled cheese, cheesy lasagna-even if you're lactose intolerant you KNOW this stuff is what they serve in heaven.

8. Free food—any time, any place


Literally, nothing brings people together faster than free food.

9. Wine popsicles


Why eat a frozen treat or wine when you can have both?! Don't worry, we have wine pops recipes for you right here.

10. Getting into bed after a looong day


11. Warm towels or blankets straight from the dryer


It's a special kind of warmth that you just can't replicate. It's like being wrapped in love.

12. Snuggling—which is literally getting wrapped in love


With your BFF, pet, S.O., or your fave stuffed animal. Cuddling is cuddling (and it actually has some health benefits too.)

13. That feeling after a really good workout


Like you gave it everything you got-and you're left with an incredible high. (Here's how to make that buzz even longer and stronger.)

14. A really freaking good hug


Ok, we're having a bit of a shortage right now—but just imagine how good it'll feel to hug that BFF or long-distance bae you're separated from at the moment.

15. Waking up and thinking it's time to get out of bed, but then realizing you have three more hours to sleep


16. Slipping on a brand new pair of leggings


It's like not wearing pants and having superhero legs at the same time. #magic

17. Not getting charged extra for guac at Chipotle


It's always worth the extra cash, but when they don't charge you? Priceless.

18. A perfectly sunny 72-degree day


When the sun is just warm enough, but you don't get all the boob sweat.

19. That "I'm free!" feeling on a Friday at 5 o'clock


The ultimate feeling of simultaneous relief, excitement, and possibility. Even if your happy hour plans only consist of a video chat.

20. A fresh manicure or haircut


You feel like a brand new human being. And if you DIY during quarantine? Doubly satisfying.

21. When your latest song obsession comes on


You just can't resist going into total jam mode.

22. Taking off your bra and/or pants at the end of the night


Cause I'm freeeee, free boobin'.

23. Epic hybrid desserts


How can you not love it when a brownie, a cookie, and a s'more become one?

24. When you drop your phone but it didn't crack


So much anxiety... but then so much relief. It's like you cheated death itself.

25. Sleeping otters holding hands so they don't lose each other


See: if they can stick together, so can we.