These little habits add up to big results

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What if we told you all it takes is one minute to get healthy? No, this is not an infomercial, and yes, all you need is 60 seconds. When it comes to your schedule, time is of the essence, but it's the little things that help keep you on track. Consider these 25 simple acts that will quickly improve your health and wellness with or without stepping foot in the gym!

  1. Floss: You've heard it time and time again, but flossing your pearly whites really does make a difference - it may even prevent a heart attack.
  2. Stretch: A quick stretch no matter where you are will quickly ease tension. The next time you're standing in line or watching a commercial, give it a try.
  3. Pack a healthy snack: Rather than waiting for hunger to strike or buying a sugary treat at the coffee shop, grab a healthy snack like nuts or an apple before you head out the door.
  4. Take the stairs: Instead of waiting for the elevator or taking the escalator, opt for the stairs to burn a few extra calories.
  5. Search for a healthy recipe: Skip Facebook in favor of looking through our healthy recipes. You'll be inspired to cook up a satisfying dinner tonight.
  6. Take a break from tech: For a few minutes, give your eyes and mind a rest by doing without your computer and cell phone.
  7. Add lemon to your water: Make your glass of water healthier by adding a slice of lemon, a natural superfood. Aside from the taste, here are 10 reasons why you should.
  8. Print a workout: Stumped with your workout routine! Press print, and in one minute (or less), you'll have a new workout to try!
  9. Sanitize your desk: No matter how clean your desk is, it's bound to have germs. Take a minute to give it a good spritz - don't forget the keyboard!
  10. Take three deep breaths: Ready, set, breathe. Don't you feel better now?
  11. Call a friend: Sure, emojis are fun, but nothing beats calling a good friend to de-stress.
  12. Complete a one-minute challenge: Quickly challenge yourself and set a new personal record with our one-minute exercise challenges.
  13. Massage your pressure points: Prevent headaches and relax by massaging this acupressure point for a minute.
  14. Sip a glass of water: It takes just as much effort to grab a glass of water as it does a soda, but not nearly the same amount of time to burn it off at the gym.
  15. Step outside: If you've been stuck indoors for a while, step outside and take a quick walk to reset.
  16. Write a gratitude list: Take a minute to jot down everything you are thankful for at that moment.
  17. Wash your hands: Decrease the chances of the flu! Whip out that hand sanitizer and give your hands a good scrub.
  18. Take your vitamins: In the case you forgot, grab a glass of water and take your vitamins for the day.
  19. Tidy up your room: Sometimes all you need is a clean room (and made bed) to prevent distractions and increase your productivity.
  20. Pack your gym bag: Before you hit the hay, pack your gym bag for the next day. Not only will this make your mornings easier, it provides one less excuse to skip a workout.
  21. Play your favorite songs: Since music is motivating , crank up your favorite song and set out to do what you accomplished!
  22. Make a short-term goal list: Set the tone for the week with small goal list to keep you on track and prevent distractions.
  23. Freeze your fruit: If you've noticed that you're never able to finish your fruit in time, slice and store it in your freezer. Then when the time comes, you can blend up your favorite smoothie.
  24. Say a positive affirmation: Rather than focusing on the negatives, focus on the positive. Be your own cheerleader and compliment yourself.
  25. Smile!