3 Ways to Winter-Proof Your Home

These three checks take minutes to perform, but will protect your home from carbon monoxide poisoning, chilly drafts, and more all season long.

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The freezing temps and brutal storms of winter can do a number on your home. But you can ward off trouble later on with a little TLC now. Here, the three tips that will keep you and your home safe (and your electricity bill lighter) through spring.

Check Your Detectors

When the temperatures drop, your risk of fire hazards and carbon monoxide (CO) leaks goes up. That makes now a prime time to test the batteries on your smoke and CO alarms-or, if necessary, to install new ones.

Smoke Out Drafts

Filling in cold-air leaks will keep you more comfortable when the really chilly weather arrives-and save you tons on heating costs. The easiest way to find drafts? Simply light a stick of incense and wave it near doors and windows. The smoke will waft toward areas that need to be filled.

Call a Pro

Having someone check your furnace for efficiency and safety now, before you need to fire it up for the first time, can save you a headache later on. Also consider getting a pro to clean out your gutters to prevent damaging snow and ice buildup.

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