March 21, 2011

Whether you're battling allergies or a stomachache, relief may be just a sip away. "Herbal teas contain compounds and antioxidants with specific healing properties," says Christy Westen, founder of Simply Vibrant in Rockville Center, New York. Use these four brews to treat what ails you.

Herbal Tea to Fix Allergies: Stinging Nettle

"This flowering shrub is an anti inflammatory," says Westen. "It may inhibit the production of histamines, substances that trigger allergy symptoms."

Herbal Tea for Stress Relief: Chamomile

According to a University of Pennsylvania study, people who took a daily supplement of this herb felt less anxious than those who didn't. Chamomile contains a compound called chrysin, which experts believe has a relaxing effect on the nervous system.

Herbal Tea for Better Sleep: Valerian

Research suggests that this herb increases levels of gammaaminobutyric acid, a brain chemical that helps induce relaxation and sleep.

Herbal Tea for a Stomach Ache: Peppermint

Not only does this beverage freshen your breath, but it can also aid with digestion, says Westen. "It relaxes the stomach muscles and eases bloating."

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