Get a personal trainer, nutritionist, or health coach—via your device—with these innovative new tech products
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A diet only works if it fits with your lifestyle, and a gym membership only helps you get fit if you're motivated to go-and if you know what to do once you get there. That's why a coach-whether it's a nutritionist, trainer, or health educator-can help improve your wellness. These digital services give personalized feedback at the tips of your fingers, to help you reach your health goals.

1. Learn to eat better. The folks at Rise will pair you with a registered dietician, who will give you daily nutrition coaching. Just snap pics of all your meals and snacks, and your coach will give you feedback on your choices, so you can continue to make better ones over time. ($15 a week)

2.Work out with a personal trainer. If you're not sure how to use the machines or what weight to pick up, the gym can be seriously intimidating. But personal training can get pricey. With Wello, you can meet with a trainer via two-way video from the privacy of your living room for a one-on-one or group session. ($14 to $29 per session for one-on-one training; $7 to $14 per class for group classes)

3. Get a "bootcamp" experience. The just-launched KiQplan programs from Fitbug help you reach one of four goals in just 12 weeks: Lose the beer belly (targeted to men), slim down (targeted to women), have a healthy first or second trimester of your pregnancy, or lose the baby weight. The programs work with your fitness tracker (not just Fitbug-it's compatible with Jawbone, Nike, Withings, and other devices as well) to create actionable plans based on the data those devices collect, adapting from week to week based on your rate of progress. You'll get workouts, nutrition plans, and sleep goals that are tailored to you and your chosen outcome. Always on-the-go, here are 3 Fitness Apps for the Busy Gym Goer? ($20 one time fee)

4. Stay motivated. Lark is like a gym buddy who texts you motivating messages. It takes activity, sleeping, and meal data from your iPhone or fitness tracker, and engages you in text convos throughout the day. The goal: to help you get fit, sleep better, eat healthier, and stress less. (Free)

5. Improve your health. Share your goals (like lowering your blood pressure, preventing diabetes, or detoxing from sugar) with Vida, and they'll pair you with a coach with a style and background that suits your needs. Coaches have access to the data from your wearable device, and are available around the clock to help you stick to doctor-formulated programs (medical advisors come from Harvard, the Cleveland Clinic, Stanford, and University of California, San Francisco). ($15 a week)