5 Healthy New Year's Eve Ideas

What to do tonight besides drink champagne and watch the ball drop, from yoga workouts to a home spa party


Too-loud music, overpriced drinks, crowds...is that really how you want to spend your last few moments of 2014? While it might be too late to plan a yoga retreat or wellness getaway, you can still squeeze in these five healthy alternatives to traditional New Year's Eve plans so you can start the new year energized and refreshed.

Run a Midnight Race

From the New York Road Runners 4 mile Midnight Run through Central Park to Ann Arbor's charity Flash Mob 5K, runners across the country will mark the start of 2015 in motion. Start the year off by exercising-and then celebrate at the after parties.

Get Centered WIth Midnight Yoga

Squeeze in a few more downward dogs before the calendars change with a late-night om session. Meditate on the year that's wrapping up and set your intention for the new one. Too cold to head out to the studio? Try one of our yoga workouts like Yoga Poses to Help You Fall Asleep before going to bed.

Go Bowling

Swap your cocktail dress and heels for jeans and rented shoes. Reserve a lane at your local alley with some friends and get ready to indulge your competitive side, along with special events ranging from pizza parties to disco bowling. Plus, bowling is on this list of 25 Ways to Cut 250 Calories.

Pamper Yourself (and Maybe Your Pals)

Those mud masks and hair treatments collecting dust on your bathroom shelf? Put them to use by transforming your bathroom into a mini-spa. Spend the time solo with a soak (try one of The Best Spa Baths for Your Body) or invite pals over to give each other manis, pedis, and facials (watch this video on how to Give Your Skin Spa Treatment at Home), so you start 2015 with a fresh face.

Count Down and Hit the Hay

Whether you've got kids or not, counting down to midnight whenever you well please sounds like a pretty good plan. Netflix announced earlier this week that they'll have a kid-focused on-demand countdown to midnight, so you can get your big moment… and then go to sleep at a reasonable hour, facing 2015 well-rested and ready to jump on those resolutions.

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