The battle of the sexes may have a winner, according to new research on a slew of topics


We adore the guys in our life. They're supportive, funny, and great to have around when we need to steal an oversized oxford for our "Risky Business" Halloween costume. Still, we can't help but love hearing about the different ways Mother Nature has our back. Here, five surprising ways women have a leg up on guys.

We Have Better Bone Health

People tend to think of issues like osteoporosis as a female concern. But the guys in your life aren't immune to low bone density. In fact, a third of all hip fractures occur in men, and they're twice as likely as women to die as a result, in large part because the breaks are thought as mainly a women's problem, according to a report from the International Osteoporosis Foundation.

We Get Sick Less Often

Finally, science confirms the existence of the "man flu." The X chromosome is home to several important immune-boosting molecules. Since we have two, compared to man's one, we have a slight advantage during cold and flu season, suggests Belgian research. That means while your guy may catch every little bug that comes along, your system fights off these minor sicknesses without a problem. The downside: When you get sick, you get really, really sick.

We Live Longer

Okay, we've known about this one for a while: On average, women live just under five years longer than men, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By age 80, there are just under 62 men for every 100 women, and that ratio tilts more and more in your favor as time goes on-roughly 83 percent of centenarians are female, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. Scientists believe it may come down to our extra X chromosome again, which is packed with disease-fighting molecules that helps keep us healthier long-term. The good news: Everyone-women and men-are living longer, and staying in fighting form for longer too.

We Park Better

Yeah, that's right-you can send this to that guy you know who's always ready with some tired "women can't drive" joke. Ladies may take a few seconds longer to park than men, but they wind up in the center of the spot more often than guys, according to a U.K. survey. You're better at finding free parking spaces too.

We're Smarter!

Seriously! Multiple studies have shown that girls do better in school, have higher IQs, and are more likely to graduate from college than their male counterparts.