Live a better life without spending a fortune with these affordable fitness plans, apps, and more tools that will make you feel like a million bucks
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Getting healthy doesn't have to be expensive. Use these options to live better-and feel great!-for less money.

1. Get Addicted to Working Out

How: Sign up for AllSport GPS

What it is: Tracking your workouts helps keep you motivated to do them. And this fitness tracker makes it easy, logging your distance, counting calories, and keeping track of time as you work out.

How it works: Download the app to your cell phone, iPhone, or BlackBerry. Prices vary, but AllSport GPS is available on almost all major carriers. Expect to pay anywhere from $1.99 a day (for some cell phone providers) to as little as $19.99 a year (for a BlackBerry subscription). (Slim your body without busting your budget by learning How to Save Money on Your Gym Membership.)

2. Find Inner Peace for Cheap


How: Get a passport to Prana

What it is: This 30-day yoga pass for $30 (go every day and classes are $1 a day!) gives you access to some of the best yoga studios in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. The tradeoff for the price: The pass only gets you into each participating studio once-bad if you fall in love with one particular studio, good if you're hesitant about trying new styles (and need your horizons forcibly broadened).

How it works: Buy the passport online and your card could be in your mailbox in as few as three days. No classes in your town? Power up your yoga at home with this 10-Minute Yoga Workout for Muscle Tone.

3. Stress Less and Concentrate Better


How: Meditation podcasts

What it is: Too stressed to meditate? Download the Meditation Society's "Learn to Meditate" instructional podcasts. For even less stress, how's this: They're free! Or, if you want to mellow out on your own, just search "Free Meditation Music" for a slew of soothing sounds.

How it works: Subscribe to the free podcasts and they will appear in your "library". You can drag them onto your iPod or play right from your computer.

4. Train for a Race


How: With our awesome training plans

What it does: Okay, we're promoting ourselves, but we can't help it because our training plans are amazing (and did we mention free!?). Whether you're training for your first 5K or a marathon, you'll find a customized routine to help you conquer your goals.

How it works: Use our race training generator and select your distance, skill level, and time to train to get a personalized plan that really works. (Or try one of these 5 Digital Coaches to Help You Reach Your Health Goals.)

5. Shrink Your Waist, Fatten Your Wallet


How: Healthy mediterranean meals for two dollars a day

What it is: The world's healthiest diet-full of fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy oils from olives and fish-has gotten a bad rap as an expensive way to eat. You can change that with "The Power of $2," a sampler of Mediterranean recipes by the Mediterranean Food Alliance (MFA) that costs two dollars or less per person. The whole gig with the Med diet: It tastes great, but also lowers your risk of problems including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even depression.

How it works: Get the downloadable sampler of recipes-including Penne with Pesto and Cherry Tomatoes and Salad Nicoise. Get even more tips on packing your pantry with healthy Mediterranean foods from the MFA. (Or whip up one of these 10 Cheap Meals That Actually Taste Amazing.)