Itchy bug bites and sticky sprays are downsides to warm weather. Stave off mosquitos before they bite with natural remedies way better than DEET

By PureWow
June 25, 2015
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Things in life that aren't fair: the American prison system, Jennifer Aniston's love life and the fact that in a backyard full of people, you seem to be the only one who gets covered in welty, gross mosquito bites. Here, seven creative ways to keep those suckers at bay-without resorting to the DEET.

1. Let Your Garden Grow

Lemongrass, citronella and lavender are great natural mosquito controls. Plant them directly in the ground or in pretty planters in places where guests gather. (More From PureWow: How to Throw the Best Backyard Party.)

2. Lay a Trap

And no we don't mean the electric bug zapper. A patio egg is a ceramic diffuser that soaks up lemongrass oil and repels insects for up to four months. Bonus: It smells lovely.

3. Take a Bath

Instead of spraying yourself with the icky stuff, try taking a bath with a few drops of citronella oil or Avon Skin So Soft. Then, when you head outdoors in the a.m., you'll automatically turn off insects. (More From PureWow: 17 Steps to a Neater House.)

4. Light a Fire

Yes, those summertime fire pits are great for ambiance, but they can also keep pests away-just add a bit of smoking sage to the pit and…see ya, mosquitoes.

5. Hang Water Bags

Hear us out: Filling sandwich bags halfway with water and placing a few copper pennies at the bottom honestly works. Hang the bags close to your doorway to keep bugs from entering your home-the water refracts light and confuses those stupid guys into flying in the wrong direction.

6. Raid Your Laundry Room

Dryer sheets are made up of chemicals that gnats and mosquitoes don't like, so placing one (or two) in your pocket naturally makes them stay away. (More From PureWow: 7 Tricks for Whitening Whites.)

7. Eat More Garlic

It's a doozy, but eating or swallowing garlic pills gives you a repelling scent that not even Mr. Skeeter appreciates. (Just make sure your loved ones aren't also repelled.)