We've all had less than positive body thoughts

By Megan Soll
Updated: March 17, 2016

We all have days when we're hard on ourselves. Sometimes your fitness goals simply don't match up with the timeline your body has to work with; some days are simply better than others. Whisper's community shared their not-so-positive body thoughts, and there are definitely some sentiments anyone can relate to. Coming to terms with insecurities is the hardest part about being body confident, after all. Remember to keep your head up, and don't forget that everyone faces doubts-even the fittest and healthiest people (like your personal trainers!).

It takes time to make a complete transformation. Getting over hurdles can be tougher than it seems.

Clothing choice can be key to confidence when you're having an off day.

Wanting to impress someone is a whole new ball game. Remember, your S.O. rarely sees those tiny flaws you might obsess over.

We're always hardest on ourselves.

Body image growing up can play a major role in both our habits and self-respect.


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