We got the most bizarre remedies for weight loss, headaches, and more

Toss your bottle of ibuprofen-you won't find these health cures in the drug store. You spilled your most unconventional solutions for whatever ails you-from wacky weight loss tricks to a hiccup solution that works every time. (Got a cold? Try these 8 Natural Remedies for Coughs, Headaches, and More.)

Wasabi as a Decongestant


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"Whenever my nose is seriously stuffed, I order sushi for lunch, Wasabi gets the mucus flowing and clears me up-sometimes it works better than a real decongestant!"

-Michelle, Los Angeles, CA

Hot Chilies for Weight Loss


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"When I was living in China, my housekeeper told me these two tricks to lose weight: Walk backwards for 30 minutes a day-it's an ancient exercise the Chinese swear by-and eat two meals a day made with hot chilies. I had nothing to lose so I tried it-and I lost 11 pounds in three months!"

-Thembi, Las Vegas, NV

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Cure Hiccups with a Pencil and Water


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"I was out one night and had the hiccups, and the bartender told me about the best hiccup stopper: Put a pencil underneath your tongue, then take a sip of water and swallow. It works every time!"

-Mary, Wyckoff, NJ

Get Thicker Hair with Monistat Cream


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"A fellow nurse gave me this advice when my hair started thinning: put Monistat cream on my roots-yep, the stuff you use to treat a yeast infection! The theory was it dilates blood vessels, kills any scalp infection and promotes growth."

-Stephanie, San Diego CA

Cure Headaches with Lemons


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"My mother-in-law told me to slice lemons and put them on my forehead to help get rid of a headache I had. It worked!"

-Zlata, Palm Beach, Fl

Get Rid of Moles with Honey


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"I had an ugly black mole on my left arm, and the doctor said he would freeze it off with liquid nitrogen at my next visit. Instead, I googled how to get rid of moles naturally. Up came the suggestion of smearing raw, organic honey on the mole twice a day, covering it with a band aid, and the promise that the mole would fall off by itself-and a week later, it did!"

-Niki, Atwater Village, CA

Banish Stress by Staring at Eyebrows


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"I always wanted to be the type of person who could meditate, but every time I closed my eyes to focus, I would find myself falling asleep-that is, until I learned this trick: Close your eyes and "look" straight ahead at the center of my eyebrows. It's an instant de-stresser!"

-Virginia, Springfield, MA

Vicks Vapor Rub For a Cough


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"This is my grandma's old trick: to calm a cough, put Vicks Vapor Rub on your heels and then put on socks. I use it on myself and my kids."

-Holly, Ossining, NY

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