89 Percent of American Women Are Unhappy with Their Weight—Here's How to Change That

Almost all of us are unhappy with what the scale says, but this infographic shows science-backed ways to improve your body confidence

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Between all the social media accounts you follow of strangers getting sweaty in the cutest workout gear and people you know posting their #gymprogress, it can sometimes feel like you're the only one who isn't ready to show the world their sports bra selfie. But you are most certainly not alone. In fact, 89 percent of American women are unhappy with their current weight, and 39 percent say worrying about the number on the scale or what goes into their mouth interferes with their happiness, according to research presented by happiness app Happify.

We can tell you day and night that you should focus on all the wonderful things your body does for you-like carrying you through that last mile on this morning's run when your mind had thrown in the towel. But simply knowing you should have more body confidence isn't enough to change how you feel. (Although we think these Refreshingly Honest Celebrity Body Confessions help.)

That's where the folks at Happify come in. They've pulled together some of the best, scientifically-proven ways to help you increase how happy you are with your body, which is pretty amazing, considering recent research has revealed that people who feel ashamed about their bodies also have poorer overall health, regardless of their actual weight. So if a few simple tricks can help nix the negative emotions, boost your mood, and keep you from feeling under the weather, well, what are you waiting for? Check out the infographic below.

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