Thirty is the new sexy

By Refinery29
Updated: May 04, 2016

Good news for women in their 30s-and for those who are approaching their third decade too. A new survey conducted by U.K. retailer House of Fraser found that women reach peak confidence during their mid-30s, with 34 being the age at which they feel the sexiest.

According to the Daily Mail, the survey polled 2,000 British women about what makes them feel sexy. Of the women in their 30s, 64 percent said they feel sexier now because they've become "more confident with age," while 34 percent said they were in "better relationships" now, which made them feel sexier. Of 30-year-old respondents, 26 percent said they feel "more confident in the bedroom" at this age as well. One in 10 even said their sex drive has increased since entering their 30s.

Overall, 52 percent of women of all ages reported feeling sexy some of the time. The survey results were similar to our own findings, in that only three percent of women said they always feel sexy. [For the full story, head over to Refinery29!]

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