Alicia Keys Shared Positive Affirmations with Her Followers On Instagram

Hear her inspiring message, and discover more about the benefits of positive affirmations.

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On Sunday, Alicia Keys went on Instagram to share some positive affirmations with her followers. The 41-year-old singer posted a minute-long video on her feed with the caption, "In case you needed to hear this…. #soulcaresunday 💜"

In the clip, the "If I Ain't Got You" singer seems to be wearing no makeup and has her hair styled in a slicked-back braided ponytail. The video uses a filter featuring floating hearts, which is fitting considering the content of the post. Hint: It's all about self love.

"You are stronger than you know. You are, like, so incredible," says Keys in the video. "There's nobody like you anywhere in the world. There's nobody that thinks like you, nobody that feels like you, nobody that has to offer what you have to offer, and so even when life is throwing you so many twists and turns, and you feel like it's never going to stop…You are stronger than you know."

Keys finishes the video by offering her followers a friendly reminder of all that they bring to the table. "You are so special and uniquely you, so don't give up. Keep going because you have something to bring to the world that is deeply needed, in case you needed to hear that," she said.

ICYDK, Keys is a big believer in the power of positive thoughts and affirmations. She founded her skincare brand, Keys Soulcare, with hopes of spreading awareness of the importance of taking care of your skin and soul through rituals, such as reciting mantras. "I wanted each of our offerings to have a powerful mantra attached — something you can read daily and hopefully say out loud. I'm a big believer in speaking and saying what you want," said Keys in a blog about affirmations on the brand's website. (

Back in January, the beauty entrepreneur shared how she uses the power of affirmations in her life in another Instagram post. "Affirmations can be anything you want them to be — they are limitless. I use them to train my brain to hear the thoughts I want to manifest. It's a secret weapon trust me!! My favorite affirmation right now is:⁣ 'Everything I need is already here; there's nothing to fear,'" she wrote in the caption.

The benefits of positive affirmations are real, according to experts. When you use positive affirmations regularly, it can help you change your mindset and behaviors and improve your overall mood, Navya Mysore, M.D., a family physician, and medical director at One Medical in New York City, previously told Shape. (

"In a way, this is similar to exercise — when you exercise routinely, you start to see benefits with your body and mind, such as increased strength and endurance," added Dr. Mysore. "Similarly, when you continue to use positive affirmations on a regular basis, you start to believe them, and your actions will exemplify this, which in turn will make it easier to achieve your goals," she said.

So, whether you decide to incorporate affirmations into your daily routine or prefer to listen to Keys recite them to you (who can resist her soothing voice?), listening to positive words can seriously pay off.

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