The answers are from legit doctors.

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: February 23, 2017

Tired of Googling your weird health Q's and heading down that well-known "you're going to die" black hole of internet health information? The Amazon Echo can help offer legit health advice.

In addition to using Alexa (the voice control system and persona that runs the Amazon Echo) to do things like order more quinoa, fire up your workout playlist, help you stick to your fitness resolutions, and entertain you with some original beatboxing (yes, Alexa can do that too, and it's epic), you can now ask Alexa's hot new boyfriend, Doctor A.I., to answer your health Qs. Just think of it like having a live-in robot Doctor McSteamy IRL-who can also order you pizza and obeys your every whim.

That's right: health advice from real doctors, without having to leave the house or (literally) lift a finger.

Alexa's new sidekick, Doctor A.I., plugs into a system called HealthTap, the world's first truly global health practice that provides 24/7 immediate access to over 107,000 via video, text, or voice. They've compiled six years worth of insight from tens of thousands of U.S. doctors to help guide you through any common issue.

Simply ask Alexa a health question, and like a sympathetic physician, Dr. A.I. (who's "trained in bedside manner" and conversational language) will ask intelligible, dynamically generated questions to help understand the problem and route you toward an effective solution that real doctors previously suggested in similar situations. Dr. A.I. might read relevant insights from real doctors (ex: "looks like you have a sprained ankle; try icing it, etc.") or immediately connect you with a doctor for a live virtual consult. It can also help schedule an in-person office visit with the right specialist, or direct you to urgent care. It's no surprise that technology is changing healthcare in a big way, but, wow this stuff is futuristic and useful AF.

Obviously, talking to a robot doc won't replace the experience of seeing a real live human whose entire life is dedicated to decoding the human body. So if you're in a true medical emergency or, really, have any serious health concern, you should still give your health care provider a ring or a visit. In the meantime, Alexa might be able to give you some peace of mind or clue you into what's going on.

No Alexa? No worries. You can already access HealthTap right through Facebook Messenger or speak directly with Dr. A.I. via the HealthTap app (iOS or Android) or website.



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