Google just released their Top Workout Trends for 2014 and the results may surprise you. See if your favorite exercises made the list

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2014 was declared the Year of the Butt, with "belfies" becoming the new duck lips, Nicki Minaj reclaiming "anaconda" from Sir Mix-a-Lot, and Kim Kardashian's greased-up heinie "breaking" the Internet. But when it comes down to what body parts people are actually most interested in exercising, Google knows all. To help us track the trends, the wise geeks at Google gave us two exclusive search lists that show exactly what people want to work out and how. Turns out, butts rank fourth on the list of the body parts most people want to work out.

It appears that Michelle Obama's guns still reign supreme, as arm exercises took the number one spot. (Here, 5 Exercises to Ditch Arm Flab Forever.) Surprising exactly no one, flat tummies and tiny waists are also highly coveted, with core exercises occupying four of the top 10 spots. "Bigger butt exercises" rounded out (ha!) the top five.

After that, things got a little more, well, specific. "Cable leg exercises" and "functional chest exercises" show that people are looking for new ways to work standard muscles. And, exercises for lower back pain and shoulder strains finished off the top 10 searches, proving that lots of us are into using exercise to heal or prevent injuries.

When it comes to the top trending types of exercises, we were glad to see classics like Zumba, dumbbell exercises, and Russian twists make the list. But newcomers T-Tapp and pole dancing are definitely growing in popularity, too-as they should; those workouts are hard. (Target both your arms and core with The Ultimate Arms and Abs Workout.)

Check out all the most popular searches below. It's a pretty comprehensive workout list, but we have one question: Why just the upper thigh muscles? (Speaking of "arm workouts," get them toned for your upcoming holiday parties with these 6 Arm Exercises to Stun in Your Cocktail Dress.)

Top Trending Exercises (by body part)

Arm exercises

Waist training exercises

Planking exercises

Bigger butt exercises

Tone abs exercises

Cable leg exercises

Functional chest exercises

Shoulder strain exercises

Top Trending Exercises (by type)

Russian twists exercise

Leg lifts exercise

Reverse crunches exercise

Bicycle crunches exercise

Hip thrust exercise

Zumba exercise dance

Arm swinging exercise

Chest fly exercise

T-tap exercise

Single dumbbell exercise

Pole dance exercise