Anna Victoria Wants You to Know That Lifting Weights Doesn't Make You Less Feminine

"This is a new age, ladies. YOU define your beauty standards."

Instagram fitness sensation Anna Victoria might be best known for her killer Fit Body Guide workouts and her mouthwatering smoothie bowls. But it's her candidness on social media that keeps her millions of followers coming back for more. While she's previously opened up about her stomach rolls and posed fitness photos, Victoria recently revealed that she was once afraid of lifting heavy weights.

"There was a time I was afraid of looking 'manly,' she wrote on Instagram alongside two side-by-side photos of herself. "Yup, I admit it. I thought lifting weights would make me lose my femininity." (

But after years of hard work and earning a top spot in the fitness-sphere, Victoria has realized that throwing around some serious iron doesn't have that effect at all. "The only reason I thought that way was because I didn't know...I didn't know JUST how hard it is to gain muscle," she says. "I didn't know gaining muscle was something that takes months and years. I also didn't know it is EMPOWERING and gives you confidence in areas of your life that go beyond fitness." (

Now, Victoria is encouraging her followers to stop worrying about spending some time in the weight room. "This is a new age, ladies," she wrote. "YOU define your beauty standards. YOU get to decide how you want to shape your body and how you want to look. Whether that's fit, lean, curvy, or all of the above. Let fitness and your body empower you." (

That isn't to say that lifting weights is for everyone, she says. No matter what your workout of choice, Victoria reminds her followers that treating your body well and showing it respect is what's most important. (

"Don't look at your current body or even your past body as something to hate, be ashamed of, or not shower with love," she wrote. "ALL bodies deserve self-love!! We go through so many different stages in life and so do our bodies. At no point in time will your body ever be less than. Truly loving yourself is realizing that and not imposing physical requirements in order to show yourself love and kindness, year round."

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