The trainer says she's "not upset" at all with where she's at.


Instagram sensation Anna Victoria is known for her successful workout program, Fit Body Guides (she's literally had to apologize for making them so hard), but it's her ability to keep it real that's gained her over 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

If you've watched her Stories recently, you might have seen that the influencer just spent the past couple of weeks living her best life in Italy while celebrating her three-year wedding anniversary. Now that she's back to reality, she took a moment to share how traveling and lack of regular exercise have affected both her mind and body. (Did you know that Anna Victoria was once the last person you'd ever catch in a gym?)

"I wanted to share this video to document where I'm at and keep it real with you all," she wrote alongside a video of herself.

In the video, Victoria is seen turning around to show her body from every side and angle. Toward the end, she pulls down her high-waisted leggings and pinches the skin around her stomach to offer a truly authentic look at where she's at. "I guess people do physique updates when they’re seeing progress," she says. "Mine is kind of the opposite."

By no means does Victoria look drastically different than some of her more posed and flexed photos, but she notes that there is a difference. Either way, it's not the physical changes to her body that inspired her to share an update. (Related: Anna Victoria Gets Real About What It Takes to Get Abs)

"I want to preface this by saying I’m not upset with where I'm at at all, but as hard as it is to show this on Instagram since it's a visual platform, the biggest difference is in how I feel," she wrote."Traveling for a few weeks and not working out regularly made my energy levels dip, not to mention eating 50/50 (as necessary as it is in the moment) still leaves me feeling a bit sluggish and triggers digestive issues for me."

While there's nothing wrong with letting loose and indulging on vacay, Victoria says she's looking forward to getting back on track so she can feel her best both mentally and physically.

Since she's still on her fertility journey, Victoria noted that for now, she'll be taking things slow. "I'm not looking to lose weight necessarily, but I do want to work out, feel strong, and eat healthy because it's [what] helps me feel my best mentally and emotionally, which is so important for both a fitness and a fertility journey," she wrote. "I’ll update you girls in 4 weeks, I hope you’ll be kicking [butt] with me!!"

This isn't the first time Victoria has been candid about her body and served up a much-needed dose of reality. Right before her wedding, she posted two back-to-back photos on Snapchat to prove the power of ~angles~ and she's since been refreshingly honest about those "perfect" fitness blogger pictures that perpetuate an unattainable standard of beauty.

It's comforting to know that we can always count on Victoria to be vulnerable with her fans and give them something to relate to.


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