The Instagram-famous trainer shares her daily pre-workout morning routine—and why she switched over to 5:30 a.m. wake-up calls.

By Kylie Gilbert

If you follow Instagram-famous trainer Anna Victoria on Snapchat you know she wakes up while it's dark out pretty much every day of the week. (Trust us: Her Snaps are crazy motivational if you're thinking of sleeping in!) But believe it or not, the Fit Body Guides founder wasn't always a morning workout person.

"I never used to be a morning person, and I still wouldn't say I am," she says. "I've always been a night owl, and I'm more productive at night, so it was hard to shift away from that routine."

"But knowing I can relax at night and not have to work out after a long day is a huge motivator," she says. "And the more I get used to morning workouts, the more I love them because they give me so much energy throughout the entire day."

Here, her tips to crush her early morning workouts:

Go to Bed Early

"The one thing I struggled with when trying to adjust to early morning workouts was my bedtime. It took about a week of trial and error to see what time I needed to go to bed to get a good night's sleep for such an early workout. With waking up at 5:30, I've found the very latest I can go to bed is 10:30 pm, which means I need to be in bed by 10. Prior to this, I was used to being in bed by midnight at the earliest! It's hard but totally possible!"

Set a Smart Wakeup Call

"I wake up at 5:30 a.m. using an app called Sleep Cycle. It's an app that tracks your breathing patterns while you sleep to determine your quality of sleep, whether you're waking up through the night, and tons of other great data. It also has an alarm clock that wakes you up at the ideal time according to your sleep cycle. You can set it to wake you up within a 10-minute window and it will wake you up at the optimal time during your cycle within those 10 minutes. So my alarm window is set for 5:25-5:35 a.m. When the alarm goes off, I get up right away. Hitting snooze, usually ends up meaning a missed workout."

Have a Pre-Workout Snack

"Since you need protein and carbs before a strength-based workout, I go for either two hard boiled eggs and half a banana, or a protein bar. If I forget to prep the boiled eggs ahead of time, I go for the bar. You need about 20-30 minutes to digest, so when it's time for my 6 a.m. workout, I'm all set."

Pack for the Day

"After my snack, I take 15 minutes to pack my bag for the day. I always have a brush, bobby pins, dry shampoo, chapstick, and makeup remover wipes, plus my foam roller, earbuds, and a post-workout snack like a protein shake and banana."

Take a Shot

"After I've gotten ready for the day and packed my gym bag, the last step in my morning routine is my espresso! I always take a shot of espresso before I head out to the gym since it helps me stay more alert and focused during my workout."


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