The Fit Body Guide trainer wants you to know that you can be confident at any size.

By Allie Strickler
August 14, 2019

Anna Victoria always keeps it real when talking about her fitness journey. Whether she's posting about what it takes to get abs or how her fertility treatments have affected her body, the trainer isn't afraid to be honest.

This week, Victoria got candid about her recent weight gain: "I weigh the most I've ever weighed in my life right now," she wrote in an Instagram Story. "But that number on the scale ain't nothin but a thang."

The trainer then took the conversation to her IG feed in a separate post: "I really wanted to share this message. That you can be confident even in the midst of weight gain. You can be confident at ANY size and I strongly believe that." (Related: Anna Victoria Shares Her 5-Year Transformation Picture On Instagram)

Victoria reaffirmed her belief that "exercise and a proper diet" is key when taking care of your physical health. "But if you're on your fitness journey, heck, even if you haven't started your fitness journey, every single person on this earth deserves to love and appreciate their body," she continued. "Self-hate has no place in this world." (Related: Why Losing Weight Doesn't Always Lead to Body Confidence)

Sometimes life gets in the way of sticking to your fitness journey, and Victoria knows this all too well. She started fertility treatments about nine months ago, and she recently admitted that it's taken a bigger toll on her workout routine than she expected. While Victoria used to strength train five times a week and track her macros "to a T", she said that she now goes to the gym anywhere between two and four times a week. "My workouts are a lower intensity overall since I'm supposed to be keeping my heart rate down," she wrote on Instagram. "I didn't lower my macros so I have been working out less and eating the same amount."

As a result, her body has changed—but as she wrote in her most recent Instagram post, she "ain't even mad about it."

"Things happen unexpectedly (to all of us!) that prevent us from being super focused on our fitness journeys, but that's not the end of the story," she wrote in a June post. "It's not the end of mine and it's not the end of yours. This is only one moment in time."


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