The Fit Body Guide trainer opened up about how her recent lifestyle changes are affecting her body.

By Faith Brar
June 26, 2019
Anna Victoria
Credit: Instagram/@annavictoria

Back in April, Anna Victoria revealed that she's been struggling to get pregnant for over a year. The Fit Body Guide creator is currently undergoing fertility treatment and remains hopeful, though the whole journey has taken a huge emotional toll.

Victoria previously shared that she started scaling back her workouts and increasing her calorie intake about eight months ago, not necessarily because she believes it's directly linked to her fertility struggles, but because she believes in the value of giving herself a break during this difficult time in her life.

Yesterday, Victoria shared a candid update on her lifestyle changes and how they've been affecting her body.

Before deciding to take things easy, Victoria said she was strength training five times a week for 45 minutes and tracking her macros to a T. "I had about a 90/10 food balance, didn't feel restricted but was super focused and on track," she wrote alongside two side-by-side photos of herself. (Related: Anna Victoria Gets Real About What It Takes to Get Abs)

These days, Victoria is in the gym anywhere between two and four times a week and has nixed all cardio, she wrote on Instagram. "My workouts are a lower intensity overall since I'm supposed to be keeping my heart rate down," she added. "I didn't lower my macros so I have been working out less and eating the same amount. My eating balance has been about 70/30." (BTW, Anna Victoria Wants You to Know That Lifting Weights Doesn't Make You Less Feminine)

While these small changes have caused her to gain about 10 pounds, Victoria said it's had zero impact on her self-esteem.

"I love both bodies," she wrote. "You're not always going to be super lean and you're not always going to be super on track. But sometimes you will! Both are deserving of self-love."

Victoria admitted that working out hasn't always been easy for her these past few months. But for now, she's doing whatever feels right. "I'm pushing through because it's how and when I feel my best," she wrote. "It's when I have the most energy, it's when I'm the most productive (in other areas of my life) and I know it's what my body deserves. No matter what my body does or doesn't look like." (Did you know that Anna Victoria was once the last person you'd ever catch in a gym?)

Sometimes she's still shocked at how much her fertility journey has impacted her life, she explained. "I never expected something like this to throw me off my routine as much as it has," she wrote. "Things happen unexpectedly (to all of us!) that prevent us from being super focused on our fitness journeys, but that's not the end of the story. It's not the end of mine and it's not the end of yours. This is only one moment in time."

By being open and honest about her experience, Victoria wants her followers to know that no fitness journey is linear. "Your fitness ability and where you are in your journey doesn't define you," she wrote. "This is an incredibly empowering journey that helps increase your confidence and self-love, and that should be true whether you're 100% on track or not."

Victoria's post is a reminder that meeting your health and fitness goals perfectly isn't a reflection of your worth—sometimes it's more important to listen to your body and know when you need to give yourself a break.