Your April 2021 Horoscope for Health, Love, and Success

Here's what the planets have to say about every facet of your life in the month ahead.

It's finally, officially spring — and a whole new astrological year! All that gleaming hopefulness and optimism that generally comes with sunnier, longer days feels magnified as the light at the end of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow brighter. And it's supported by the fact that as April kicks off, we're enjoying the heart of Aries season.

Until April 19, the confident sun moves through the cardinal fire sign, known for its dynamic, go-getter, impulsive, impatient, competitive energy. And then from April 19 to May 20, you'll get to take a minute to just chill and enjoy the fruits of your labor — maybe a post-vaccination get-together with loved ones or weekend staycay that's been long overdue — thanks to the sun's trip through slow, steady, grounded fixed earth sign Taurus.

Aries and Taurus seasons — the first motivating you to make bold moves while the latter is all about leaning into whatever offers beauty, comfort, and security — pair up to make April a time for action and rejuvenation, finding the balance between plowing forward and practicing mindfulness. The fire-to-earth energy can feel all at once passionate and pragmatic. You'll want to dream big, then come up with a practical game plan — all while making room for well-deserved breaks.

The sun is far from the only focus in April 2021. From April 3 to 19, messenger Mercury flits through Aries, bringing an impassioned, fiery, and direct tone to communications.

And on April 11, the new moon falls in the cardinal sign, reminding us that although we might've watched the ball drop on January 1, springtime — and Aries season — can serve as an exciting blank canvas on which we can paint our visions and intentions and then actually take the initiative to make them real.

But prepare to pump the brakes come April 14 when sweet Venus moves into earthy Taurus, one of two signs where it's at home as the ruler (the other is Libra), bringing a slower-paced, more sensual vibe to romance, relationships, creative pursuits, and moneymaking.

On April 19, communicator Mercury follows suit, moving through Taurus until May 3. While you might be less likely to lose your temper than you were while the messenger planet was in Aries, be prepared for people to dig their heels in, given Taurus' fixed nature.

Then, after moving through mutable air sign Gemini since March 3, Mars, the planet of action and sex, will enter cardinal water sign Cancer on April 23, firing up energy toward relationships with loved ones and tending to your home life. Until June 11, you could be putting more effort into a redecorating project, honing your cooking skills, gardening, or spending more time with family.

Around April 26, the Scorpio full moon feels will kick in, adding to that fixed, stubborn flavor of the moment. Squaring off against taskmaster Saturn in Aquarius and opposing revolutionary Uranus in Taurus, tough lessons around emotional issues could translate to big — and perhaps sudden — change.

In fact, in the final days of the month, the planetary message is very much centered on change. Transformative Pluto, which oversees death and rebirth, often bringing to mind a phoenix rising from the ashes, will be retrograde from April 27 to October 6, urging you to grapple inwardly with skeletons in the closet and off-balance power dynamics.

And on the final day of April, the confident sun in Taurus pairs up with game-changer Uranus, inspiring independence and forward-thinking bolts of lightning. Perhaps there's never been a better time to reinvent yourself.

Want to know more about how April's astrological highlights will affect your health and wellness, relationships, and career? Read on for your sign's April 2021 horoscope. (Pro tip: Be sure to read your rising sign/ascendant, aka your social personality, if you know that, too. If not, consider getting a natal chart reading to find out.)

Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Aries (March 21–April 19)

Health: Around April 11, when the new moon is in your sign, you'll feel like you've got the green light to set a powerful intention related to your mind and body wellness. If you've been wanting to switch up your approach to fitness, meditation, therapy — or all of the above — now can be an exhilarating moment to get the ball rolling.

Relationships: You could feel empowered to speak up about what you need between the sheets around April 26 when the full moon falls in your eighth house of emotional bonds and sexual intimacy. If you're single, this could look like being more specific about your desires in certain app profiles. If you're attached, you could be compelled to detail fantasies and initiate new experiences with your S.O. The result could be all sorts of satisfying.

Career: Thanks to communicator Mercury in your sign from April 3 to 19, you'll want to share those blueprints for your passion project. Whether you're calling a meeting with a higher-up or fleshing out the details with colleagues, you can easily articulate the details, stand up for what you believe in, and gather all the info necessary to turn thoughts into action.


Taurus (April 20–May 20)

Health: You'll be busier than usual, taking meetings, brainstorming with colleagues, and reconnecting with friends while go-getter Mars moves through your third house of communication from April 23 to June 11. In turn, you might be craving a restorative workout that helps you wind down and manage stress, so experiment with switching up your usual routine. Now can also be an awesome time to research yin yoga or sound baths.

Relationships: Around April 26, the full moon in your seventh house of partnership opposes revolutionary Uranus in your sign, and you could feel like changing your approach either within your most intimate relationship — or in how you've been looking for a match. Give yourself plenty of space to acknowledge and process your feelings, then go with your gut and make your move.

Career: While the confident sun moves through your sign from April 19 until May 20, you'll have both the vision and inner drive to pursue big-picture professional goals. And thanks to messenger Mercury in your sign from April 19 to May 3, you can articulate them in an exciting, bold way. Write up that proposal or coordinate that team meeting, and share your thoughts. Your enthusiasm could be contagious.

Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Gemini (May 21–June 20)

Health: Around April 26, when the full moon is in your sixth house of wellness, you might find yourself feeling so over an unhealthy habit or go-to fitness approach. It might just not be serving you well anymore, and it could be time to move on. Given the moon's opposition to game-changer Uranus in your twelfth house of spirituality, reserving some solo time to meditate and reflect could help you pinpoint exactly what you need to switch up — and how.

Relationships: You might be feeling more private and precious than usual about your love life while romantic Venus is in your twelfth house of spirituality from April 14 to May 8. If your intuition is telling you to hold back from spilling the details of that sexy date or steamy night with your S.O. with even your closest friend, consider running with it. Feeling like you have a hot secret can actually be a major turn-on.

Career: You'll be fired up and ready to pour a lot more energy than usual into moneymaking projects, thanks to go-getter Mars in your second house of income from April 23 to June 11. If you've been batting around the idea of pursuing a side hustle, freshening up your resume, or making a play for more responsibility or a more advanced role, this moment could prove super-supportive for moving in that direction. Just be sure to pace yourself.

Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Health: You should feel a burst of can-do energy while action-oriented Mars is in your sign from April 23 to June 11, so this can be a productive time to dive into that bold new routine you've been waiting for until it's just the right moment. Whether you're streaming HIIT workouts, stacking Peloton classes, or doing laps at the pool, going full throttle now can be empowering and strengthening mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Relationships: You've been pushing to hit one deadline after the next, working like a total beast, and around April 26, when the full moon lights up your fifth house of romance, you'll be ready to break free of the grind, prioritizing fun and pleasure over all those to-dos. Lean into your desire to be flirtatious, spontaneous, and heartfelt, possibly going on a weekend getaway with your sweetheart or initiating a hot date with a new match.

Career: While messenger Mercury is in your tenth house of career from April 3 to 19, you'll be prepared to step into the spotlight in your professional life. Making a presentation or running point on a key project could come naturally, and higher-ups will applaud your initiative and passion. Now's the time to write those game-changing pitches, emails, speeches, or any other communication that's bound to get you noticed.

Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Leo (July 23–August 22)

Health: You've been learning about how you can make your daily routines work even better for you, offering more balance and wellness, but while transformative Pluto is retrograde in your sixth house of wellness from April 27 to October 6, you could be reflecting on all of this in a more internalized way. Through self-reflective practices (like therapy or gratitude journaling), you could gain even more clarity on what's keeping you from taking better care of yourself on a day-to-day basis. And awareness is the first step to moving through any roadblock like this.

Relationships: Don't be surprised if you're inspired to do away with those same old vanilla sex positions and weekend routines around April 11, when the new moon falls in your ninth house of adventure. Experimenting with new accessories or body products (like a CBD stimulant or anal sex toy) in the bedroom or tapping into some Tantric sex practices could prove to be an eye-opening, satisfying experience. What you learn — solo or with a partner — could end up having a reverberating, positive effect.

Career: While the confident sun, your ruler, moves through your tenth house of career from April 19 to May 20, get ready to have all eyes on your professional moves and lots of time in the limelight — not that you'll take issue with that at all. And thanks to messenger Mercury's presence there from April 19 to May 3, you'll be able to seamlessly lead the charge on any project that requires research and conferring with higher-ups.

Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Virgo (August 23–September 22)

Health: You could be teetering on the brink of feeling rundown and burned out around April 26 when the full moon is in your third house of communication. It's just all too hard for you to say "no" to the gazillion invites, online events, assignments, and chores on your list. But carving out much-needed, well-deserved self-care time is key to feeling your best — whether it's going on a long scenic walk, experimenting with CBD edibles, or just throwing your phone on "do not disturb" and getting lost in a new book.

Relationships: Around April 11, when the new moon is in your eighth house of emotional bonds and sexual intimacy, you'll be ready to share exactly what you've been fantasizing about. Whether you've already established that deep, meaningful connection or are searching for it, this moment's all about feeling empowered to own your desires and know you deserve to see them fulfilled. Speaking up could set the stage for a sexy new chapter.

Career: While communicator Mercury, your ruling planet, moves through your ninth house of higher learning from April 19 to May 3, you'll want to soak up knowledge even more than usual. Diving into an intriguing online course, trading notes with long-distance friends, or planning future travel can be eye-opening and inspire you to bring a whole new perspective to your professional goals.

Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Libra (September 23–October 22)

Health: You'll be itching to get out of your comfort zone and pick up new skills on April 17, go-getter Mars in your ninth house of higher learning forms a harmonizing trine to lucky Jupiter in your fifth house of self-expression. Because this aspect can make for seemingly boundless energy, you might want to use this day to experiment with your workout routine. Test-driving a new running app or tough lifting routine might be completely thrilling.

Relationships: Around April 11, when the new moon falls in your seventh house of partnership, you'll have a clear runway for either redefining your current situation or seeking a satisfying new connection. The first step, obv, is to get clear on what you want and how you see it playing out. Then, once you're talking it through with your S.O. or a new match, work to strike the balance between staying centered in your desires and being open to compromise. The result could be a harmonious new phase.

Career: You'll have extra energy to get after your long-term aspirations while go-getter Mars is in your tenth house of career from April 23 to June 11. Making connections and establishing a rapport with authority figures could be key, as could having faith in your ability to take on more responsibilities or step into a more senior role. Leaning into your ability to focus on the big picture can serve you well.

Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

Health: While communicator Mercury moves through your sixth house of wellness from April 3 to 19, you might be compelled to get all the details on those cool workout classes you've been mulling over while staying safe at home through the winter. Whether you're heading back to a gym, connecting with a personal trainer virtually, or firing up a tracking app, try to hone in on a routine that'll be as satisfying emotionally as it will be physically, as that could lead to even better results.

Relationships: Don't be surprised if you feel like you want to jump out of your skin around April 26 when the full moon is in your sign. But instead of brushing any uncomfortable feelings under the rug, do your best to tune into them even more than usual. Because this moon opposes revolutionary Uranus in your seventh house of partnership, talking through what you're experiencing with your S.O. or your BFF could help you zero in on relationship or dating changes that could bolster your sense of inner peace. You'll do well to wait til the dust settles to take action.

Career: While go-getter Mars moves through your ninth house of higher learning from April 23 to June 11, you'll be thirsty to take bold action on the job. You might want to propose an assignment that requires travel, working remotely with colleagues in another city, or taking a class to pick up new skills. As long as what you're proposing feels equal parts challenging and exhilarating, it's likely the right move.

Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Health: While the confident sun moves through your sixth house of wellness from April 19 to May 20, you'll be ready to get back to basics in terms of sticking to habits that have you feeling good. Whether you're tracking your daily water intake, taking more stretch breaks, making a point to get more or higher quality sleep, or building in more time to hit pause on work to connect with friends and loved ones, little moves can have you feeling truly revitalized.

Relationships: While assertive Mars is in your eighth house of emotional bonds and sexual intimacy from April 23 to June 11, your sex drive could get a major boost — and no, you definitely don't have to be attached to take advantage. This moment's made for getting in touch with what you want — by experimenting with new sex toys or listening to an erotic app like Dipsea — and then sharing all the hot and dirty details with someone special, if they're so lucky.

Career: You could have a creative epiphany that feels almost impossible not to act on around April 11 when the new moon falls in your fifth house of self-expression. Even if you're not absolutely sure what the idea is just yet or how it'll come to fruition, allow your imagination to run wild. Giving into your artistic impulses now could set you down a successful path.

Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

Health: While transformative Pluto is retrograde in your sign from April 27 to October 6, you'll be reflecting on what you have control over and what you don't — and perhaps emotionally letting go of narratives that are no longer serving you. Doing some deep inner mental work (perhaps through meditation or doing teletherapy) could prove enlightening and confidence-boosting, allowing you to deal even better with everyday stressors and train your eye on even bigger, shinier wellness aspirations.

Relationships: Thanks to go-getter Mars in your seventh house of partnership from April 23 to July 11, you'll be pumped to get out and be in the world with your S.O. or, if you're single, possibly start swiping a bit more assertively. You're the reigning royal of setting a practical goal and taking small but smart steps toward achieving it, and you'll want to do that now, but it'll also pay to listen to — and follow — your heart.

Career: You could be crossing the finish line on a team project around April 26 when the full moon falls in your eleventh house of networking. Feeling like part of something bigger — a communal effort — can prove super-satisfying emotionally and inspire you to plan to work even more with a particular group of friends or colleagues. By banding together, you'll be able to turn shared goals into a reality.

Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

Health: While go-getter Mars moves through your sixth house of daily routine from April 23 to June 11, you'll have a ton of energy to get on top of your wellness in a bold way. Returning to a beloved sport you haven't played in forever or weaving a current obsession into your regular workout plan (think taking more hip hop- or Broadway-themed classes on Peloton) could be a game-changer. As long as you feel like your inner fire is being lit while you're in the midst of the routine, then it's probably something you'll stick to — and benefit from.

Relationships: Nesting and getting cozy with loved ones or your S.O. could very much be your jam while romantic Venus moves through your fourth house of home life from April 14 to May 8. Although you tend to experience life in a very forward-thinking way, this transit could have you feeling sentimental. Lean in — sharing your favorite traditions and memories with your sweetheart or a potential partner could make for a surprising bonding moment.

Career: You could be asked to step up at work and take on more responsibility or a leadership role around April 26 when the full moon falls in your tenth house of career. Higher-ups will be counting on you, but at the same time, the moon's tense square to serious teacher Saturn in your sign could make for a bit of gloom and frustration. Do your best to zero in on the task at hand while acknowledging and caring for your emotions.

Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Health: Around April 26, when the full moon falls in your ninth house of adventure, you might feel like getting out of your mundane same ol' routine and experimenting with unusual wellness routines (like energy healing or different stretching techniques) or cooking up nutrient-dense recipes. Tune into your intuition, then research various options. Whatever you land on — as long as it feels eye-opening and spiritually satisfying — could benefit your vitality and sense of well-being.

Relationships: Thanks to sexy Mars in your fifth house of romance from April 23 to June 11, your dating or love life should be full of pleasure and excitement. Expressing yourself in a fun-loving, joyful way comes naturally, and you'll go after what you want, which can have you practically radiating from the inside out. Now can be a seriously hot time to get clear on your desires — and know that you deserve to see them fulfilled.

Career: You'll have a sweet opportunity to set ambitious and realistic money goals around April 11 when the new moon falls in your second house of income. Reflect on your talents, skills, and passions and how you can bring them to the table even more than you already are. From there, you could easily come up with a blueprint for how you want to be earning now and moving forward.

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