Your guide to fun-yet-unconventional astrology picks for your bestie, such as workout leggings, gym-friendly jewelry, and card games.
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The 16 Best Astrology Gifts for Your Zodiac-Obsessed Friend
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You know that friend: The one who's constantly posting memes associated with their zodiac sign, inquiring about their dates' birth times (and logging it on Co-Star), or always blaming Mercury Retrograde for being late. On the hunt for something perfect for them this holiday season? An astrology gift is a guaranteed way to show them you're really listening when they break down every piece of their Sun, Moon, and rising sign — or just know their fascination with testing compatibility via star signs. 

Luckily, society's general obsession with astrology means your gift selection expands far beyond a basic star sign necklace. Leo-embroidered sweatshirts and horoscope-focused card games make up just a small subset of the countless gifts available for your endlessly curious zodiac lover. And pro tip: If you know your recipient's Mars sign, you might want to steer toward astrology gifts that correspond to it, since the planet of action influences what motivates and drives your wellness routines. 

Ready to get your gift on? Ahead, find the astrology gifts your loved ones will actually be impressed with receiving. (Related: The Best Astrology Apps, According to an Astrology Pro)

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Decanit The Zodiac Horoscope Neon Sign

Buy It, $20

Love basking in the light of your own star sign? This neon wall decor emits the perfect warm glow to make any space just a little cozier this winter, whether it's an office den or basement bedroom. Plus, pre-drilled holes and USB power make installation simple for the easily frustrated. 

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What's Your Sign?: The Horoscope Game

Buy It, $20

Created for all signs, this card game forces each player to compete to create the funniest horoscope. Both experienced astrologists and beginners can partake in this fast-paced game — but only the true astro gurus will understand every joke. (BTW, a deck of cards also makes the perfect workout.)

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Greenline Goods Pisces Stemless Wine Glasses

Buy It, $29

Closeted astrology fans will love the subtle nod to their enthusiam with a gift that's practical but also easy to store away. Each under-$30 kit comes with two etched glasses designed for each star sign — though every stemless pick features all 11 zodiac signs. Dishwasher-safe and break-resistant, they can also arrive in just two days with a Prime membership.  

astrology gifts sterling forever zodiac bracelet

Sterling Forever Zodiac Bracelet

Buy It, $58

Finding jewelry that will stay put and out of the way when you're working up a sweat can be a challenge, but this delicate bracelet, sporting each sign's corresponding constellation made out of sparkly cubic zirconias, is a sweet, pragmatic choice. It has an adjustable slide closure, so it can be worn close to the wrist during a run or in a spin or yoga class.

woman in shirt
Credit: Nordstrom

Spiritual Gangster Moon Muscle Tank

Buy It, $48

Great for your favorite workout buddy (who also happens to be astrology-obsessed), this lightweight, relaxed muscle tank looks just as good paired with leggings for spin class as it does with joggers or denim for weekend adventures. The colorful design, metallic details of the moon make it a super dreamy top for everything from barre class to hikes to Netflix binging on the couch.

Moon Juice The Full Moon Dust Adaptogenic Sample Box

Buy It, $35

Chances are someone who's fascinated by the way the planets influence our lives is also intrigued by the way nature can shift our energy — and that's exactly what California-based natural remedy company Moon Juice is all about. Its Moon Dust blends adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms to combat the effects of stress and act as a boost to your body, skin, and consciousness. The Full Moon box is a sampler of 12 Moon Dust sachets (two of each): Spirit (to lift mood), Beauty (to improve skin's radiance), Power (to energize), Brain (to sharpen focus), Dream (to support sleep), and Sex (to amplify desire).

Credit: Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga Sun & Moon Powershine Leggings

Buy It, $75 (was $88)

These high-waisted leggings from Jennifer Lopez-approved activewear brand Beyond Yoga feature a celestial design that will help the wearer channel the power of the latest full or new moon — or even the next intense eclipse season.

Credit: Free People

Wild Rose Shop Zodiac Candle

Buy It, $32

Sagittarius adventurers won't be the only ones transported by the tropics-inspired blend of aloe, agave, and Hawaiian Awapuhi emitted by this soy wax candle. Part of Free People's artisan-made section, these astrologically on-point candles are hand poured in New York City by women and shipped in recyclable packaging. (Shop more giftable candles here.)

Credit: Anthropologie

Anthropologie Seeing Stars

Buy It, $12

From Aries to Pisces, your BFF can learn more about their sign and ruling element with a flip of the page. Each hardcover book offers fun facts to give the reader insight into aspects of themselves, such as their communication style. Plus, it's chic enough to leave on the coffee table.

astrology gifts zodiac hair barrettes
Credit: BAN.DO Each Jeweler Zodiac Barrettes

Buy It, $8

ICYMI, playful barrettes (yes, those clips you wore when you were 5-years-old) are seriously trending as the hair accessory for winter. Equally cute for the office or for your run or gym session, these zodiac-themed barrettes add a hit of starry style to any outfit, while also pulling hair away from your eyes during your sweat session.

Soma Long Sleeve Pajama Top
Credit: Soma

Soma Cool Nights Tackle-Tie Pajamas Pants

Buy It, $46

Whether your bestie wants to lounge around reading friends' and lovers' birth charts or sleep in on a particularly lazy Sunday during Mercury Retrograde, they'll be super comfy in the celestial pajama pants made from soft, lightweight rayon. Just don't forget the matching top. (Learn More: Your November Health, Love, and Success Horoscope: What Every Sign Needs to Know)

Credit: Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods Zodiac Sign Tea

Buy It, $17

Tea boasts tons of health-boosting benefits from fighting cancer to supporting cardiovascular health, thanks to antioxidant polyphenols called catechins. Par Avion has come up with zodiac-inspired blends that speak to the unique tastes of every sign. Passionate, razor-focused Scorpios will love the mango and papaya black tea, while warm spice-adoring, romantic Leos will adore the lavender and rose chai.

threadsandneedlesCHI Sweatshirt in beige with gemini lettering
Credit: Etsy

threadsandneedlesCHI Sweatshirt

Buy It, $35 (was $50)

Maybe it's the re-release of Taylor Swift's Red, maybe it's the reboot of Gossip Girl — either way, it's clear that the 2000s have made their return. Embrace the era of prep fashion with a genuinely stylish crew neck that'll appeal to Gen Z and millennials alike. You'll have a choice of seven colorways to ensure both land and water signs feel at home in their new digs.

Credit: yoga mat

Gaiam Premium New Moon Yoga Mat

Buy It, $30

For the gift recipient who is conscious of weaving the power of the moon's phases into their yoga practice, this latex-free yoga mat is a practical pick. The mat's non-slip surface naturally improves traction as you start dripping through your flow and can easily be cleaned with water post-workout. PSA: Warn your recipient to keep it out of the sun to prevent fading and breakdown.

Credit: Amazon

The Astrology Deck: Your Guide to the Meaning and Myths of the Cosmos

Buy It, $18

New converts to astrology can consider these cards the cheat sheet for unearthing different celestial phenomenons and discovering how each sign impacts their life, whether it's romantic partners or careers. Each deck comes with 70 illustrated cards written by expert astrologer Lisa Stardust. FYI, the deck doesn't officially release until December 14, but that just makes it less likely your loved one will get two.

Credit: Sephora

Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Palette

Buy It, $67

This cosmic palette introduces astrology into a new category: makeup. Filled with a collection of 18 shades in both cool and dark tones, it delivers a mix of metallic and matte shadows named after supermoons, nebulas, and supernovas. Plus, good color payoffs ensures it'll also be a "holy grail" for your beauty-obsessed besties.

Credit: Etsy

AstralWeekend Coffee Mugs

Buy It, $26

Sipping coffee while reading your horoscope just got way more fun thanks to this massive 15-ounce mug. Available for every zodiac sign, the 60s inspired design is a retro throwback that still feels modern. Don't be surprised if you end up purchasing one for yourself.