Your guide for stylish, self-care-focused astrology picks for your bestie—from workout leggings and gym-friendly jewelry to healthy home items and more.

By Maressa Brown
November 13, 2019
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You know that friend: The one who's constantly posting memes associated with their sign, inquiring about their dates' birth times, or always blaming Mercury retrograde for being late. On the holiday hunt for something perfect for them? To find just the right gift for them, you'll obviously want to take their obsession into consideration with these personally-tailored astrology gifts. For your fave intuitive, endlessly curious zodiac lover, consider these stylish, self-care-focused, astrology gifts—from workout leggings and yoga mats to gym-friendly jewelry, healthy home items, and more.

Pro-tip: If you know your recipient's Mars sign, you might want to steer toward astrology gifts that correspond to it, since the planet of action influences what motivates and drives you in our wellness routines. (Learn More: Your November Health, Love, and Success Horoscope: What Every Sign Needs to Know)

Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask Zodiac Edition


This luxurious sleep mask not only features zodiac-themed embroidery but it's also is made with super soft silk and an internal lining to provide all-night blackout, making it the perfect gift for an astrology lover who is also all about prioritizing their Zs, Sure, it might be a splurge, but reviewers say that it's worth it thanks to its comfort and ability to support a good night's rest—which is particularly helpful around a sleep-sucking full moon.

Buy It: Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask Zodiac Edition, $50,

BP Oversized Zodiac Sweatshirt


This slouchy, comfy cotton-blend sweatshirt—perfect for throwing over leggings in cooler months—features the symbol for each sign and their winning attributes. For instance, "kind, dependable, mysterious, and sentimental" defines cardinal water sign Cancer, while mutable air sign Gemini is rightfully defined as "free spirit, curious, impulsive, clever."

Buy It: BP Oversized Zodiac Sweatshirt, $49,

Anthropologie Zodiac Bar Soap


Just about every sign could use more self-pampering for some reason or another (Pisces because they're nonstop empaths who pick up all the feels from everyone else, Aries because they struggle to slow down). These unique bar soaps are wrapped in pretty zodiac-inspired packaging and are scented with notes of jasmine, rose, and sandalwood to offer an aromatherapy self-care break. Bonus: They make perfect stocking stuffers! (Related: Holiday Advent Calendars You'll Want to Open All at Once)

Buy It: Anthropologie Zodiac Bar Soap, $9,

Sterling Forever Zodiac Bracelet


Finding jewelry that will stay put and stay out of the way when you're working up a sweat can be a challenge, but this delicate bracelet, sporting each sign's corresponding constellation made out of sparkly cubic zirconias, is a sweet, pragmatic choice. It has an adjustable slide closure, so it can be worn close to the wrist during a run or in a spin or yoga class.

Buy It: Sterling Forever Zodiac Bracelet, $58,

Your Body and the Stars: The Zodiac As Your Wellness Guide 

Credit: AMAZON

For your perpetually curious, health-conscious pal who would enjoy connecting the dots between their wellness and the planets, this book from holistic physician Stephanie Marango and astrologer Rebecca Gordon is a seriously cool choice. It covers the specific body regions and healing protocols associated with each zodiac sign, while offering step-by-step exercises based on yoga, stretch and strengthening movements, and Pilates.

Buy It: Your Body and the Stars: The Zodiac As Your Wellness Guide, $11,

Onzie Las Lunas Leggings


These high-waisted leggings from trendsetting activewear brand Onzie feature a batik-style celestial design that will help the wearer channel the power of the latest full or new moon—or even the next intense eclipse season.

Buy It: Onzie Las Lunas Leggings, $54 $76,

Par Avion Tea Astrology Gift Bundle

Credit: AMAZON

Tea boasts tons of health-boosting benefits from fighting cancer to supporting cardiovascular health, thanks to antioxidant polyphenols called catechins. Par Avion has come up with zodiac-inspired blends that speak to the unique tastes of every sign. Passionate, razor-focused Scorpios will love this mango and papaya black tea, while warm spice-adoring, romantic Leos will adore their lavender and rose chai.

Buy It: Par Avion Tea Astrology Gift Bundle, $28,

Astrid & Miyu Rose Gold Pated Mystic Opal Moon Huggie Earrings


Designed in London by delicate jewelry pros Astrid & Miyu, these huggies are whimsical, celestial workout-friendly bling (since they sit close to your ear and won't snag). They're gold-plated and dotted with glimmering opals, which symbolize lasting love, hope, and balance for every sign, but are particularly powerful for cardinal air sign Libra, known for their love of old-school romance and perpetually striving to achieve their ideal equilibrium. (Related: Is It OK to Wear Jewelry While You Work Out?)

Buy It: Astrid & Miyu Rose Gold Pated Mystic Opal Moon Huggie Earrings, $78,

Zura Eco-Friendly Combo Yoga Mat + Towel

Credit: AMAZON

For the gift recipient who is conscious of weaving the power of the moon's phases into their yoga practice, this eco-friendly ZURA yoga mat and towel combo is a practical pick. The mat features an absorbent top layer made from vegan microfiber that naturally improves traction as you start dripping through your flow. The mat's grip is said to improve with use, and it also comes with a travel strap to make it convenient to tote anywhere.

Buy It: Zura Eco-Friendly Combo Yoga Mat + Towel, $50,

Spiritual Gangster Dreamers Active Muscle Tank


Great for your favorite workout buddy (who also happens to be astrology-obsessed), this lightweight, relaxed muscle tank looks just as good paired with leggings for spin class as it does with joggers or denim for weekend adventures. The colorful design, metallic details, and depiction of the moon's phases make it a super dreamy top for everything from barre class to hikes to Netflix binging on the couch.

Buy It: Spiritual Gangster Dreamers Active Muscle Tank, $58,

The Power Of Mercury


This book is a go-to guide for any zodiac lover who wants to survive and prosper during Mercury Retrograde. Delayed train or car breakdown? No problem. Miscommunication with a loved one? It's going to be just fine. Astrologer Leslie McGuirk breaks down the mystery surrounding Mercury Retrograde, and explains how to take note of your personal signs, as well as the best way to handle *crisis* mode when things hit the fan during retrograde.

Buy It: The Power of Mercury, $25,

Prosperity Candle Zodiac Candles


Sagittarius adventurers will love the outdoors-inspired combo of sandalwood and oak moss in these candles, while homebody Taureans can curl up on the couch and chill with chamomile and sage. Also great? These astrologically on-point candles are handmade in Easthampton, Massachusetts and provide jobs for female refugee artisans living in the state. (Shop more giftable candles here: The Best Holiday Candles for Cozy Winter Nights)

Buy It: Prosperity Candle Zodiac Candles, $16,

Moon Juice The Full Moon Adaptogenic Sampler Box

Credit: AMAZON

Chances are someone who's fascinated by the way the planets influence our lives is also intrigued by the way nature can shift our energy—and that's exactly what California-based natural remedy company Moon Juice is all about. Their Moon Dusts blend adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms to combat the effects of stress and act as a boost to your body, skin, and consciousness. The Full Moon box is a sampler of 12 Moon Dust sachets (2 of each): Spirit (to lift mood), Beauty (to improve skin's radiance), Power (to energize), Brain (to sharpen focus), Dream (to support sleep) & Sex (to amplify desire).

Buy It: Moon Juice The Full Moon Adaptogenic Sampler Box, $35,

Rails Clara PJ Set


Whether your bestie wants to lounge around reading friends' and lovers' birth charts or sleep in on a particularly lazy Sunday during Mercury Retrograde, she'll be super comfy in this matching celestial pajama set, which is made from soft, lightweight rayon. (Learn More: Your November Health, Love, and Success Horoscope: What Every Sign Needs to Know)

Buy It: Rails Clara PJ Set, $158,

Each Jewels Zodiac Barrettes

Credit: BAN.DO

ICYMI, playful barrettes (yes, those clips you wore when you were 5-years-old) are seriously trending as the hair accessory for winter. Equally cute for the office or for your run or gym session, these zodiac-themed barrettes add a hit of starry style to any outfit, while also pulling hair away from your eyes during your sweat session.

Buy It: Each Jewels Zodiac Barrettes, $48,

The Little Book of Self-Care for Aquarius

Credit: AMAZON

Astrologer Constance Stellas authored 12 charming, giftable books, detailing wellness tips for every sign. From Aries to Pisces, your BFF can learn more about their sign and ruling element, and then explore self-care pointers and activities they'll find especially useful, based on their planetary predisposition. For instance, Stellas proposes listening to Mozart and sipping cardamom tea for intellectual fixed air sign Aquarius and spa days and writing in a dream journal for overthinking mutable earth sign Virgo. (Read more: What Happened When I Prioritized Self-Care for a Week)

Buy It: The Little Book of Self-Care for Aquarius, $13,


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