April 2022's Solar Eclipse and New Moon Will Motivate You to Take On Lofty Fitness Goals

With practical, resolute Taurus at the helm of this intense astrological event, your wildest wellness dreams could be within reach.

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The energy of this moment is intense. If you're already in the midst of a whirlwind of change or you feel like your world could be turned upside down at any given moment, you're not alone. You're simply feeling the vibe of eclipse season, which is kicking off this week with a solar eclipse and a new moon in Taurus. This determined and loyal fixed earth sign will be exact on Saturday, April 30, 2022, at 4:28 p.m. ET/1:28 p.m. PT.

Most new moons present an opportunity to suss out your most heartfelt intentions and powerful wellness goals (think: tackling a new fitness challenge, finding a new method to improve your mental well-being) — then take the bold steps to make them real. Since solar eclipses pack even more power and punch, however, it's best to make a few tweaks to your routine in order to capitalize on this moment.

Here's how to take advantage of April 2022's solar eclipse and new moon in Taurus, a truly change-fueling astrological event.

What Solar Eclipses and New Moons Mean In Astrology

First, a few basics on the meaning of a new moon and a solar eclipse. The opposite of a full moon, a new moon occurs when the moon is not illuminated by the sun from Earth's perspective, meaning it isn't visible to humans at all. And that dark, blank sky serves as an astrological vision board if you will. It's generally a chance to set the stage for long-term intentions and projects.

However, when a new moon coincides with a solar eclipse, the moment is intensified by the fact that the moon — already blotted out by the dark sky — also casts a shadow on the sun. Essentially, during a solar eclipse, the sun will conjunct (aka pair up with) the moon rather than opposing it, as it does during a lunar eclipse. In turn, your purpose, identity, and confidence — areas of life that are ruled by the sun — are on the table, as are your emotions and intuition, which are overseen by the moon. This combo of two astrological events creates a super-charged, motivating period, and you may feel inspired to take bold actions that will change the course of your life in a significant, wellness-bolstering way.

But like a spontaneous downpour that requires you to reschedule a morning run for the evening, solar eclipses tend to remind you that you only have so much control. Eclipses bring change, likely in an area of life in which circumstances have already reached a fever pitch. Instead of attempting to steer the ship in a different direction, the best course of action is to figure out how you can work with the shifts happening now and ultimately identify the big-picture lesson. In other words, don't feel compelled to seek control by busting out your journal, crystals, and meditation pillow, as you might during a regular, eclipse-free new moon. It's best to just let this solar eclipse do its thing and see where it takes you.

It also bears noting that every eclipse is part of a series of eclipses happening in opposing signs. The April 30 solar eclipse is a part of a series happening in Scorpio and Taurus that began on November 19, 2021, with a lunar eclipse in Taurus. The themes of this series include bolstering your sense of security and comfort, reflecting on issues of intimacy and joint resources, and reevaluating what you value.

Wellness Themes of the 2022 Solar Eclipse and New Moon In Taurus

Fixed earth sign Taurus is ruled by Venus (the planet of value, beauty, and relationships) and known to be practical, pragmatic, slow, steady, sensual, and loyal. The sign of the Bull is quite stubborn, which can make it challenging to accept change, as well as tenacious, which is certainly a welcome trait if you're approaching the finish line on a particular wellness aspiration (think: training for a half marathon). Taurus is also the ruler of the second house of self-worth, so this solar eclipse could bring up a lot of emotions around how you value yourself, how you're valued by others, and what might need to change so you feel more centered in this way.

New moons that happen under the influence of Taurus tend to be about getting grounded and tapping into your senses to prioritize pleasure. In some cases, it may encourage you to become more comfortable with the idea that getting where you want to go in life, such as fulfilling your dream of becoming a cycling instructor or setting a new deadlift PR, may require moving slowly and steadily — not fast and frenzied.

While you can count on a new moon in Taurus to occur annually, the planetary aspects, or weather, shift from year to year. In addition to falling with a solar eclipse this year, the moon pairs up with Uranus, the planet of innovation and change that's also in the sign of the Bull. The message of this conjunction: You'll do best to expect — and welcome — change now, even if it's pretty much the last thing you feel up for. So if your weightlifting buddy suggests trying Kaley Cuoco's brutal stair-climbing workout together, give it a shot.

The moon also forms a harmonious sextile to go-getter Mars (the planet of action and energy), moving through the psychic water sign Pisces. You could initially be daydreaming about your goals and letting your imagination run wild, but Mars will fire you up to actually make the necessary moves. Translation: Whatever you experience in the days around the solar eclipse could inspire you to eventually take confident, empowered, and spiritually charged steps.

How to Thrive During the 2022 Solar Eclipse and New Moon In Taurus

With security-seeking Taurus leading the charge of this astrological event and its conjunction with Uranus bringing plenty of plot twists, this moment lends itself to getting centered physically, mentally, and emotionally. No matter your sign, here are a few ways you make the most of the solar eclipse and new moon in Taurus.

Try a Slow and Controlled Workout

You might usually go for a sweaty, challenging Vinyasa class or HIIT routines at the gym, but in the days surrounding this solar eclipse and new moon, consider slowing down a bit. Check out a yoga instructor who specializes in Yin yoga or focus on heavier strength training and lower-impact cardio. The energy can be so intense around eclipse season — especially with Mercury retrograde approaching — so experimenting with a steadier, Taurean pace in your wellness routine could be truly grounding.

Opt for a Low-Key Weekend of Self-Care

Although Taurus isn't necessarily thought of as one of the most social signs, it is one of two signs ruled by Venus, the planet of relationships. (The other is the cardinal air sign Libra.) To an air or fire sign, socializing often means going out, partying, and being seen. But a Taurus is perfectly happy — OK, downright blissed-out — if they can stay in with friends and snuggle up on the couch. The weekend of the solar eclipse, steal a tip from the Bull and consider a more intimate social plan, featuring heart-to-hearts fueled by red wine, Bridgerton binges, or even adult crafting kids.

Tap Into Your Senses

While some people might be more auditorily or visually engaged with the world, Taurean energy is all about exploring with all five senses. During this new moon and solar eclipse moment, carve out time to experiment with aromatherapy, healthy yet flavorful recipes, or movement that bolsters awareness of your body, such as Pilates or Gyrotonic workout sessions.

Zodiac Signs the Solar Eclipse and New Moon In Taurus Will Affect Most

If you were born with your sun in Taurus (meaning your birthday falls approximately between April 20 to May 20 ) or with your personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars) in Taurus, you'll feel this new moon and solar eclipse more than most. (BTW, you can find out all this info by looking at your natal chart.)

If you want to get even more specific, check to see if you have a personal planet that falls within five degrees of the new moon (10 degrees Taurus). If so, you could be navigating a life-changing shift at the moment. Similarly, if your rising sign/ascendant falls in a fellow fixed sign — Leo (fixed fire), Scorpio (fixed water), Aquarius (fixed air) — you'll be inspired to set intentions related to relationships and security; the new moon will affect your tenth house of career (Leo), fourth house of home life (Aquarius), or seventh house of partnership (Scorpio).

It's also worth checking your natal chart to see if any of your personal planets (your moon sign, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) fall in a fixed sign and within five degrees plus or minus 10 degrees Taurus. In those instances, you'll feel the effects of this solar eclipse more than others.

The Takeaway On the 2022 Solar Eclipse and New Moon In Taurus

New moons often serve up plenty of anticipation, promise, and hopefulness. When they fall at the same time as a solar eclipse, those emotions might feel as if they're on steroids — just as your world is beginning to change in thrilling, potentially overwhelming ways. In the moments this intensity starts to get to you, know that just like the determined, steady Taurus, you'll get where you need to go — all in good time.

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