Aquarius Compatibility with Every Zodiac Sign

A Deep Dive Into Aquarius Compatibility with Every Other Zodiac Sign

Whether you're an Aquarius or your S.O. or BFF is, learn more about Aquarius compatibility with every other zodiac sign.

Zany, rebellious, and free are all words that come to mind when describing Aquarius. Traditionally, Aquarius is ruled by the planet Saturn, who's known to be the disciplinarian of the zodiac. However, the part of Saturn that wants to advance with the times, instead of staying stuck in the past, is the vibe that Aquarius rocks. The modern ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, who's a known radical and revolutionary that wants to bring advancements to society. (Also read: How to Decode Zodiac Sign Compatibility)

The wild child sign is hard to get to know, which can make it tough at times for them to connect with others. Plus, they like to observe and see how people interact with others before jumping into a friendship or relationship with them. Although Aquarius isn't cautious in general, they are when it comes to opening their hearts up to anyone new. This means that it may take them some time to commit to a relationship and welcome someone new into their friendship circle. Yes, they're social — but at a distance. That is, until you earn their complete trust after proving your loyalty.

Whether you're an Aquarius yourself or you're wondering how well you click with one in your life, read to get the scoop on Aquarius compatibility with every other zodiac sign.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Aquarius and Aries Compatibility: Catch Me If You Can 👟

Aquarius and Aries are both independent signs who get along well together. The difference between the two stems from Aquarius being cerebral and Aries being action-oriented. This means that Aries can bounce ideas off Aquarius before making moves and Aquarius can seek guidance from Aries on attaining greatness. The only caveat is that it'll be hard for Aquarius to move as fast as Aries. (P.S. Here's What to Know About Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign)

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility: There's No Place Like Home 🏡

These two fixed signs are completely different — Aquarius is inventive and Taurus is steady — but they'll connect over their need for stability (which is how they relate to each other and feel seen). While they may butt heads at times, the Water-Bearer and Bull can create a warm and loving home life filled with beautiful, indulgent, and worldly trinkets from their travels.

Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility: Risky Business 🕶

When these two air signs get together, they'll make amazing plans and set goals for the future because they completely trust each other. The Water-Bearer will seek out Gemini's support and counsel on taking risks in love and business, as Aquarius is the more conservative of the two. They will constantly bounce ideas off each other to come up with the right course of action.

Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility: Brand New Day ⛅️

This pair may not understand the other on an emotional or mental level upon their first meeting — Cancer is emotional and Aquarius is inquisitive. However, when these two different zodiac signs collide, it is quite possible for Aquarius and Cancer to evolve and grow from the relationship. Aquarius can learn to be softer and Cancer can become more analytical through their interactions over time.

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility: No Reservations 👌

Being that these two opposite signs are fixed, they'll automatically connect and commit to each other. The pairing works if they stop judging or controlling the other and want to have an honest partnership. At times they'll feel as though the other is critical, but a simple conversation can change the dynamic and shift the energy. As long as Leo takes center stage, they're golden. (More here: What Your Venus Sign Can Tell You About Relationships, Beauty, and Money)

Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility: Working for the Weekend 💻

Aquarius and Virgo make better colleagues than lovers. They can help the other get organized, save money, and implement necessary changes — but it won't be easy, and certain moments may feel awkward between them. After all, Aquarius is not as straightforward as Virgo, who needs direct communication at all times. Plus, Virgo sees things on the molecular level and Aquarius has a broader perspective.

Aquarius and Libra Compatibility: The Perfect Match 💘

These two air signs are a match made in heaven. Like Aquarius, Libra is emotionally aloof which makes them able to not get super mushy or jealous in matters of the heart. They'll be able to give the other space to flourish and grow as individuals. Also, Aquarius and Libra will have much to chat about when they're having a gossip sesh with each other. (

Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility: Emotional Rescue 💌

Scorpio is known to be transformative by nature and Aquarius is a unique sign who evolved with the times. On paper, their connection doesn't make sense. But IRL they are able to understand the other's emotional desire to transcend on a soulful level and become the best version of themselves — which they will full heartedly support the other to do in their lives.

Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility: Walking On Sunshine ☀️

No other pair of zodiac signs will support the other's dreams, goals, and visions as much as these two. Plus, these two social justice warriors will be picketing and protesting causes side-by-side for years in an effort to change the world for the better. When they both get on their soapboxes, they can bring progress to the masses, situations, governments, and the universe at large.

Aquarius and Capricorn Compatibility: Mo Money Mo Problems 💰

The traditional planetary ruler of both these zodiac signs is Saturn, but different aspects of the authoritative planet. Aquarius is more about structures changing and Capricorn focuses on keeping things in place. Together, they can try to build a foundation and raise money. However, it'll be hard for them to agree on investments as Aquarius will opt for crypto and Capricorn will choose their IRA.

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility: Space Age Love Song 🚀

The wacky and zany nature of Aquarius will be amplified when in contact with a fellow Water-Bearer. They'll talk about everything and anything for hours, from conspiracy theories, aliens, art, and music to the new iOS upgrade, their online dating profiles, and their take on history. It'll be hard to tear them apart, as they can be lifelong besties and lovers.

Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility: The Sweet Escape 🍭

It may be hard for Pisces to grasp the Water-Bearer's tender nature at first, but they'll begin to find their airy pal funny and adventurous. Aquarius and Pisces like to plan and plot trips around the world and even have a good time when traveling — so much so that they will become the other's favorite companion and spend a lot of time exploring together. (Next read: How to Let Astrocartography Guide Your Wanderlust)

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