The Best Astrology Apps — from Beginner to Advanced — According to a Pro Astrologer

Use these expert-approved astrology apps to dive into your celestial world.

The Best Astrology Apps — from Beginner to Advanced — According to a Pro Astrologer

While it seems like horoscope-focused astrology apps are a dime a dozen lately, "an astrology app that does real astrology is hard to come by," says Oak, astrologer and founder of Oak Astrology School. It's tough for an astrology app to both "effectively articulate what is happening collectively (macro) as well as on the minuscule level of personal emotions and desires (micro)," and if you find one that does both those things, "that's a good app."

And not all astrology apps leave you with good vibes; that should ring a bell if you've ever received a sus push notification. "I find that apps that offer an ominous warning about your day seem to mimic the ways that the media utilizes fear as means for consumption of information," says Oak. "Not having access to the total picture," and only getting a small sliver from an app can perpetuate that fear. This is all too common with some of the popular, more mainstream apps, says Oak. "I don't believe that withholding the whole picture supports anyone." (

That said, Oak has some tried-and-true favorites to suggest for beginners, more intermediate astrology buffs, and advancing astrology students. "If you happen to be obsessed with the second and third astrology apps suggested here, that will be a telltale indicator that you love the language of the stars (life) way more than your average muggle," says Oak.

Read on to find the best astrology app for you, and enjoy your journey into the stars.

Best Astrology App for Total Newbies: The Pattern

Available on: Google Play, iOS

Though this one isn't Oak's favorite, total newbs could still benefit from The Pattern. "I call this one 'astrology for the less curious,'" says Oak. If you're just dipping your toe in the water and have zero background (and don't feel like getting into the ins and outs of the zodiac just yet), this may be for you. Keep in mind, "The ominous daily updates can often leave you a bit unsettled, thinking 'How did they know?'" says Oak. It's a good choice if you don't want to deal with too much astro jargon, and just want the takeaways — plus, it's free.

With that in mind, there's still an astrologer-approved component: "What I like is that they are still able to convey the various layers of timelines that you can be experiencing, from the daily, to monthly, to yearly," they say. "This app is for the non-astro curious who want that hit of prediction without the star talk." (Beginners, read this: The Complete Guide to Zodiac Signs and Their Meanings)

Best Astrology App for Beginners: Chani

Available on: iOS

With beautiful art and weekly curated updates for your specific chart, Chani is a gorgeous introduction to the wondrous celestial world. "I appreciate the ways that you are invited to reflect deeply through the tender interpretations of the cosmic movements," says Oak. "With a clean interface, it makes learning the basics of your heart easy, and there are also great ways to look into your upcoming day, week and month. Chani offers several avenues that are astrologically focused, and are also geared toward meditation, ritual, and healing." Aspects of this app are free, with a premium membership offered for $12/month. (

Best Astrology App for Intermediate Astro Lovers: Astrology Zone

Available on: Google Play, iOS

Developed by a respected astrologer, Astrology Zone is Oak's pick for "practical and solid monthly horoscopes," they say. "Susan Miller is a longtime astro columnist, and masterful at her monthly horoscopes; they tend to focus on career and money matters, which is very practical, and the predictions for dates to consider are great as well."

So if you're looking to get a little deeper, and in need of practical application, look no further. "I admire the longevity of Astrology Zone — holding it down for 25 years," says Oak. "And the horoscopes are juicy, clear, and super effective." (Speaking of: Here's What Your Moon Sign Means About Your Personality and Life Path )

Best Astrology App for the Seriously Astro-Curious: AstroMatrix

Available on: Google Play, iOS

If you've already got your natal chart memorized and you're onto things like transits and aspects, download the AstroMatrix astrology app immediately. (This is Oak's personal favorite.)

"I was shocked by the amount of information that is given on this app," says Oak. "AstroMatrix is suitable for all levels of interest, especially for the advanced/practitioner level. There is even access to their incredible article base, which has been around for over 10 years."

The app is free to download, but includes ads. That said, a lifetime subscription has a one-time cost of only $24. "As a skeptic to most astrological information that's out there, I am really into AstroMatrix," says Oak. "It addresses daily and weekly horoscopes, as well as the overarching cycles of time — both individual and collective. This app gives an important expression of the various ways to use astrology." (

Best Astrology App for Advanced Students: Astro Gold

Available on: Google Play, iOS, macOS

Is astrology your passion? Are you signing up for courses, thinking of maybe opening up a practice someday? Say no more! Astro Gold is a professional essential. "For the eager student, having an astrology program is a must," says Oak. There's a desktop OS of this program, but for the lighter version, opt for the in-palm-of-your-hand iteration. "This iOS app has an incredibly clean interface with pretty awesome features for a $40 app," says Oak. "There are few interpretations, but you will learn at an exponential rate by being able to toggle between dates and having access to more prediction tools."

This pick was corroborated by master astrologer and founder of Moon Gathering, Shannon Aganza, who uses this tool within her own practice, and recommends it to student astrologers as a "must have."

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