An In-Depth Wellness Guide to the Cancer Zodiac Sign

An In-Depth Wellness Guide to the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Learn what workouts to test, self-care activities to try, and beauty practices to indulge in to make the most of your Cancer zodiac sign — all according to an astrologer.

Cancer season marks the beginning of summer, which means that the temperature rises the moment the crab comes out to play. The first day of Cancer season is the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere, making it a magical time across the universe.

Cancers, which are represented by the Crab, are known for their nostalgic and sentimental side, but since they have a protective outer shell, they tend to hide their emotions from others — at least until they fully trust these outsiders. Once they finally let their feelings shine, they're incredibly maternal, and it's rare for them to put themselves first.

But that's not all the Cancer zodiac sign has to offer. To get a deeper understanding of the Cancer sign, read the guide below to learn stats, traits, compatibility, and a wellness guide that will help you optimize your health and fitness goals.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Quick Stats

  • Cancer Dates: June 21–July 22
  • Cancer Symbol: The Crab ♋️
  • Cancer Ruling Planet: The Moon
  • Cancer Element: Water
  • Cancer Modality: Cardinal
  • Cancer Ruling House: 4th house of home, family, ancestors, traditions, heritage, personal beliefs, and ancestry
  • Cancer Key Traits: sentimental, nostalgic, emotional, maternal, and compassionate

Cancer Characteristics and Personality Traits

Since Cancer is a water sign and ruled by the emotionally charged moon, those who fall into this zodiac sign tend to be protective of their hearts and energy. They often hide their emotions under their suit of armor — just like a crab's protective shell — to prevent themselves from experiencing heartache and pain. Their reluctance to express their feelings stems from their need for security and safety, similar to the crustacean, which burrows in the sand to hide from danger. In turn, Cancers are unapologetically quiet, but they're deeply intuitive.

Although they typically conceal their thoughts and sentiments, Cancers will completely open up to others once they build a bond with them. Once that trust is established, they can be extra emotional and sentimental, as the Crab is ruled by the ever-changing moon. Specifically, a Cancer's emotions can evolve every 2.5 days, which is how long it takes for the moon to enter the orbit of a new sign, so their feelings on a particular topic or issue may do a 180, depending on the lunar sign and phase.

The Cancer zodiac sign also represents the maternal, making those with the sign quite sensitive people. However, Cancers are also strong boundary setters, so just don't bother them when they want to be alone resting and healing in their cocoon, as they will use their claws to pinch back. (

Since crabs also walk sideways on the seashore, Cancers are also extremely artistic, as they have the ability to observe life from a different point of view, which lends a helping hand to their creative minds.

Cancer Compatibility

Before diving into Cancer compatibility, it's important to note that any zodiac sign can be a perfect match for the Crab. However, certain zodiac pairings may be better than others.

Cancer and Aries

These two cardinal signs like to keep the passion going, as they have strong sexual chemistry that binds the two signs together. At times, tensions may arise due to Aries' insensitive words and Cancer's tender heart. But, they tend to build future projects and support each other no matter what by believing in the other's dreams.

Cancer and Taurus

It may be hard to pry a Cancer and Taurus pair apart. Whether wrapped up in the sheets within an intimate relationship or through friends enjoying wine and watching nostalgic movies together, this pair is attached at the hip. Plus, Taurus' have the patience to comprehend the crab's emotions, Cancers tend to open up faster to this sign because they can trust each other.

Cancer and Libra

Cancer and Libra are both relationship-oriented zodiac signs, and once they latch onto each other, it's tough to break them apart. Their cardinal nature will urge them to commit and fast-forward the relationship. Generosity and kindness unite these two cardinal zodiac signs, both of whom are known for their romantic hearts.

Cancer and Scorpio

These two water signs get along swimmingly. They share the same empathetic and compassionate nature, which bonds them for life. They often speak the same sensual, love language and tend to skip over the small talk, opting for deep, meaningful conversations instead. These two signs can see a clear future together, so commitment is often on the periphery.

Cancer and Pisces

A Cancer and Pisces are basically a match made in heaven. Because both zodiac water signs are intuitive, they can understand what the other needs and wants — and will actually take the necessary steps to ensure they get what they deserve. Both signs are also artistic, so they'll be able to bounce creative ideas off of one another and even collaborate on a project or two and grow emotionally.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Wellness Guide


Much like actual crabs, Cancers are always on the go, whether it be running to their next art showing or dashing between their friends and family's homes to care for their loved ones. And that's why they need time to decompress and restore their energy. On a self-care day, Cancers will benefit from a deep-tissue or hot stone massage, which will help loosen up the tension in their body, particularly in the hard-to-reach spots beneath their tough exteriors. They love music, so listening to meditative tunes or participating in a sound bath could be a great way to heal and decompress.


As intuitive beings, Cancers will do best to practice yoga and Pilates regularly, as these activities allow them to connect deeply with every muscle of their body. Through their breath, they can find their inner rhythm and harmony, which will give them peace of mind. Cancers, who are water signs, will also enjoy water sports, such as swimming, diving, paddleboarding, and surfing. Any fitness activity that brings them closer to their favorite place on Earth — the beach — is ideal. After all, the moon — Cancer's planetary ruler — controls the tides of the ocean, so they feel at ease there. Sometimes the maternal instincts of a Cancer will kick in and they'll crave a workout partner, but because their moods can very easily shift with the moon's place in the sky, Cancers may also prefer solo experiences.

Beauty and Skin Care

Remember, Cancers can be emotional and easily stressed out, and their skin may reflect those heightened feelings (think: acne, oily skin). But they can keep their complexion in check by syncing their skin-care routine with the phases of the moon, their planetary ruler. On a new moon, they'd do well to use a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water, then use a face roller with oil under the first quarter moon. When a full moon occurs, it's best to give the skin a break and stick with a pared-down regimen. During the last quarter moon, it's recommended to do a deep exfoliation to remove all the built-up dead skin cells so they can start fresh when the new moon takes place.

The Wellness Takeaway for the Cancer Zodiac Sign

When it comes to wellness, Cancers need restorative activities that foster a mind-body connection and revive their senses. Practices that call on their creative sides and allow them to express their emotions also help them decompress and show how they're truly feeling. And if there's a way to tackle those activities with their closest friends and family members, they'll be as happy as a clam — err, crab.

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