A Look at Capricorn Compatibility with Every Zodiac Sign

A Look at Capricorn Compatibility with Every Zodiac Sign

Whether you or someone special in your life is a Sea Goat, this guide can illuminate more about Capricorn compatibility with all the other zodiac signs.

When it comes to how two people connect, chemistry is arguably the most important factor — and one way to gauge the chemistry between them is through astrological compatibility.

Of course, there are tons of important things that dictate whether a relationship works or not, from life plans and communication skills to love languages. Even when looking at astrology alone, there are many important factors that go into assessing how two people will connect astrologically; however, comparing two people's sun signs can indicate a general camaraderie or frenemy vibe that describes how they align.

Capricorn, the Saturn-ruled cardinal earth sign, is future-oriented, which means that people with a Capricorn zodiac sign focus on making plans and aligning with the person they adore. Odds are, the Sea Goat (Cap's symbol or mascot, if you will) will make a proposal that may seem a matter of fact to ensure that both parties are being given the respect they deserve and that is mutually beneficial. They consider romance like a business project, allowing them to make concise and conscious decisions about the way they partner. They want their partner to be a team member and they need constant communication with their lover. That said, how compatible is Capricorn with every other zodiac sign?

Whether you're a Capricorn yourself or you're wondering how well you click with a Capricorn in your life, read on below to see how compatible each sign is with Capricorns.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Capricorn and Aries Compatibility: Who's the Boss? 💼

Tensions rise when these two cardinal signs align. Aries, who is known to be somewhat hot-headed at times, clashes with Capricorn, who is harsh and reserved. Both like to take charge and control, which creates arguments over who is the leader of the two. And, there will be drama related to which zodiac sign takes the lead. If they learn to work cooperatively and find balance together, then this pairing can work well together.

Capricorn and Taurus Compatibility: High-Stakes Union 🎲

Capricorn is a cardinal sign, which means that it's an initiator of the zodiac. Taurus is a fixed sign that makes it a doer, one who follows the rules. Both are earth signs, which allows them to feel confident in the material and physical plane. These two signs connect over the simple pleasures in life and encourage the other to take risks outside their comfort zone, as long as Taurus follows the rules of Capricorn.

Capricorn and Gemini Compatibility: Grow and Thrive 🌱

Being the first zodiac sign of the winter season, Capricorn starts and revs up situations. On the opposite side, Gemini is known to finish things, due to the fact that it's a mutable sign and falls at the end of the spring season. They can accomplish many goals and offset challenges together if both zodiac signs encourage the other to succeed. Mutual motivation is key for both of these signs to thrive and grow in both their lives.

Capricorn and Cancer Compatibility: Opposites Attract ☯️

Opposites attract when these two cardinal signs come together. The caveat is that Cancer may be too emotional and temperamental for Capricorn who is rigid and austere. Finding an emotional middle ground will help this pairing thrive, as they're both sentimental and reflective. This will require the Sea Goat to open up more and the Crab to have patience. They can stand the test of time if they put the work into making the relationship work. (See: Guide to Astrological Sister Signs)

Capricorn and Leo Compatibility: D-R-A-M-A! 🎭

This is one of the least favorable pairings for Capricorn. The Sea Goat finds the Lion to be all over the place — basically, Leo is mostly all talk and no action — which frustrates Capricorn who likes to make matters come to full fruition. The vibe may be uncomfortable, as Leo forces Capricorn to evolve out of their firm standpoint and adhere to their views, which Capricorn won't stand for, really. TBH, it will make Capricorn rebel.

Capricorn and Virgo Compatibility: Life of the Party 🎉

This earthy pair has a lot of fun together. In fact, the party won't ever stop when they hang out. Being that they are both earth signs, and like to be indulgent as well as decadent, they can take the celebration to the next level. But, when the vibe is chill, they are the other's support system. They will totally ensure that the other is being accountable, holding up to their responsibilities, and maintaining obligations.

Capricorn and Libra Compatibility: Missing the Spark ☁️

There is a sense of usury between these two cardinal signs. Capricorn relies on the creative insights of Libra to elevate them towards professional greatness. Capricorn provides security and stability for Libra, which is why Libra will want to stay in the partnership — even if it's lacking passion. When they have nothing to give the other, the situationship fizzles and falls flat. Both easily walk away and move on to the next best thing.

Capricorn and Scorpio Compatibility: Sexual Healing 🔥

Capricorn and Scorpio are sizzling hot together. Both have an extremely high sex drive, which means that they can spend days tangled in the sheets together. Not only will sensual sparks fly, but they share the same dark sense of humor, aren't afraid to get deep with each other, and push the other to excel at everything that they do (they both get the importance of hustling hard to attain greatness and success in life).

Capricorn and Sagittarius Compatibility: Confusing Elements 😕

The cardinal sign Capricorn is often confused by Sagittarius's ability to change and mutability. The Sea Goat is down to take a firm stance on matters, while the Archer waffles on situations and doesn't commit to one way of thinking. The openness of Sagittarius will make Capricorn think twice before spending time with them, as the Sea Goat prefers to be private and away from the glare of the outside world that Sagittarius brings into its life.

Capricorn and Capricorn Compatibility: Baller Status 🤑

When two Capricorns unite, they can take over the world and be each other's advisors. While they have a lot in common, they will also find that the things they like the least about themselves are being represented in their friend or partner. They won't like how thrifty the other is, which will create tense moments and eye rolls between the two, and they might find the other to be a curmudgeon and unwilling to let loose.

Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility: Mirroring Each Other 👯‍♂️

These two neighboring signs are extremely similar because they are both ruled by the dependable planet Saturn; they're both rational and independent. There are minor differences, such as the fact that Capricorn plays by the rules and Aquarius is rebellious. The Water Bearer can be fanatical and get on its soapbox to preach its views to the masses, while Capricorn hides away from the limelight and prefers to be on the sidelines instead of in the midst of all the action.

Capricorn and Pisces Compatibility: Tea Time 🍵

Capricorn and Pisces are intuitive, reflective, and nostalgic. They share a similar sentimentality when it comes to life, which will make them become quick and fast friends. Plus, they like to gossip and share the tea on everything and everyone that they know with each other — mostly because they can have a laugh and trust that the other won't repeat what's said in confidence. However, this relationship can get messy at the expense of others.

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