February 2022's Full Moon In Leo Is By Far the Sexiest of the Year

Here's what you need to know to take advantage of the fiery, chemistry-sparking moment.

Full Moon In Leo
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With Valentine's Day falling on a less-than-romantic Monday this year — right on the heels of Venus retrograde hitting the brakes on matters of the heart from December 19 to January 29 — it's likely you could use a sexy pick-me-up. And that's exactly what you can expect to get in the days around February 2022's full moon in fixed fire sign Leo.

On Wednesday, February 16 at 11:56 a.m. ET/8:56 a.m. PT, the moon will be at her most luminous in the driven, confident, spotlight-loving sign of the Lion, empowering you to take action that'll turn wild dreams into something truly concrete.

Here are all the details and how you can make the most of February 2022's full moon — aka the "snow moon."

What Full Moons Mean

First, a primer on what full moons mean in astrology: Because the moon acts as your emotional compass, ruling over your intuition and sense of security, the point at which it is at its most full and luminous tends to turn up the volume on all of those inner workings. From road rage to raucous neighbors, you've undoubtedly noticed an uptick in wild behavior around a full moon. The real issue at hand is likely intense emotions that have been, for all too long, brushed under the rug. Those eyebrow-raising actions are often the result of people projecting their stress, pain, trauma, and other challenging feelings onto others rather than dealing with them head-on.

In addition, full moons are culmination points. Everyone has ongoing "plots" occurring in their life at any given time, and whatever story began around the corresponding new moon (the opposite of a full moon) in the same sign might reach its natural conclusion or climax. For example, this February 16, 2022 full moon in Leo is linked to the August 8, 2021 new moon that was also in Leo. (BTW, it has also been referred to as the snow moon, due to the typically heavy snowfall that occurs in February, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac.)

Full moons tend to be intense — especially so if they're hitting your natal chart in a significant way (more on that below) — but they're moments in which the universe is nudging you to check your emotions and close a chapter in order to begin another. (Ahem... Here's How to Know When a Relationship Is Over, According to a Therapist)

Themes of the February 2022 Leo Full Moon

Fixed fire sign Leo, symbolized by the Lion, is ruled by the sun, which oversees image, confidence, and core identity. The fifth sign of the zodiac also rules the fifth house of romance, self-expression, creativity, and pleasure. Action-oriented, proud, loyal, theatrical, assertive, and optimistic, Leos innately believe in themselves and tend to take action in a fearless, self-assured way. Prioritizing love, flirtation, sex, and sharing what's in their hearts, they generously shower their VIPs in shimmering light and, quite often, gifts galore. (See: The Complete Guide to the 12 Zodiac Signs and Their Meanings)

In general, full moons that happen under the influence of the fixed fire sign will nudge you to own your feelings in a direct, confident Leo way. You'll likely be reflecting on how far you've come since August 8 — perhaps in terms of a romantic relationship, your self-image, your creativity, or standing up for yourself and roaring your truth as a Lion would — and celebrating a culmination point in your journey. (Try using these 75 journal prompts for self-reflection to explore what this "plotline" might look like in your life.)

On its own, the Leo full moon is wired to help you step into your power, but it's supercharged with sexy, romantic energy this year, thanks to a conjunction between planet of love, Venus, and the planet of sex, Mars. On Wednesday, just hours before the full moon is exact (aka hits its astrological peak), Venus and Mars will pair up in Capricorn, the industrious cardinal earth sign.

While it might be the snowiest time of the year, you can expect these two relationship power players to bring us the hottest day of the year in terms of loving, sensual vibes. For a sense of what to expect, think back to July 13, 2021 when Venus and Mars last met up — that time, in Leo. Their collab typically bolsters the ability to tune into and act on your desires and to prioritize love, romance, playfulness, and physical affection.

And because the pair-up is happening in Capricorn this time around, it'll amplify our willingness to work through any challenges that might be presenting themselves in our romantic lives now. That's because Capricorn, the sign of the Sea Goat, is ruled by Saturn, the taskmaster planet, which urges you to put your nose to the grindstone to get what you're fantasizing about.

The moon will also form a tense, albeit activating, square to the nodes of destiny — mathematical points, as opposed to celestial bodies, which represent the path you've come from and the one you're fated to head down. The north node is the future; the south node is the past. On January 18, they shifted from Gemini and Sagittarius into Taurus and Scorpio. (They move backward and are always in opposite or sister signs.)

And on February 16, the full moon will square them both, signifying a fated opportunity. Depending where and how these squares hit your own astrological chart, you could be nudged to take action in a way that feels almost predestined. It's a case for tuning into your intuition in a major way.

Who the Leo Full Moon Will Affect the Most

If you were born under the sign of the Lion — approximately July 23 to August 22 — or with your personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars) in Leo (something you can learn from your natal chart), you'll feel this full moon more than most. More specifically, if you have a personal planet that falls within five degrees of the full moon (28 degrees Leo), you're more likely to be feeling extra emotional, assertive, and ready to share what's in your heart in an unapologetically self-assured way.

Similarly, if you were born in a fellow fixed sign — Taurus (fixed earth), Scorpio (fixed water), Aquarius (fixed air), the moon will activate your fourth house of home life (Scorpio), seventh house of partnership (Aquarius), or tenth house of career (Taurus). (Want to learn more? Read more about the significance of astrological houses.)

The Steamy Takeaway

Full moons often crank the energy of the moment up to the point that explosions and drama are inevitable, but when the transit occurs in bold, take-charge Leo, it offers you a chance to channel those powerful vibes into owning your inner voice and expressing yourself proudly and openly. And with Venus and Mars in play — especially in pragmatic, steady Capricorn — you'll feel equally in control and fired up as you make moves toward fulfilling that your most passionate desires.

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