This Month's Full Moon In Aquarius Will Inspire You to Show Up for Others

August's full moon in Aquarius lends humanitarian vibes, inspiring you to use your wellness routine for the greater good.

Full Moon in Aquarius
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As the sun moves through Leo — the self-assured, charismatic, and driven fixed fire sign — you're likely taking some bold, confident steps forward in your wellness routine. You might be trying out a brand-new workout method, for example, or setting ambitious PR goals that you might have not even considered a few months ago.

But as the full moon in Aquarius — a fixed air sign that's Leo's progressive, future-minded, and humanitarian sister sign — rolls in, you'll be challenged to strike a balance between focusing on your aspirations and helping others fulfill their own. While full moons can usually be felt for several days before and after they occur, this particular push-pull will reach a fever pitch on Thursday, August 11 at 9:36 p.m. ET/6:36 p.m. PT.

Here, is your guide to making the most of the August 2022 full moon in Aquarius.

What Full Moons Mean In Astrology

First, some basics on the astrological significance of a full moon: Because the luminous moon acts as your emotional compass, overseeing your intuition and sense of security, it sheds light on those areas of life when at its fullest.

Full moons present a monthly (and on occasion, bimonthly) chance to reflect on what's in your heart, assess your closest bonds — including the one you have with yourself — and contend with some kind of finish line, all for the greater good of beginning a new journey. As such, full moons can help you sync your head and your heart through activities like meditation, therapy, yoga, running, or anything else that benefits you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Wellness Themes of the August 2022 Full Moon In Aquarius

Fixed air sign Aquarius, symbolized by the Water Bearer and ruled by Uranus (which, in astrology, oversees rebellion, electricity, sudden change, and innovation), is one of the most forward-thinking, social, humanitarian, group-oriented, and science-minded signs of the zodiac. Anyone born with their sun or other planetary placements (the moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars) in Aquarius has a tendency to come up with brilliant, eye-opening ideas out of the blue and is wired to strike out against convention, thanks to their Uranian influence. And just like every fixed sign (that's Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius), they can be quite obstinate and black-and-white in their thinking. Since this month's full moon is ruled by the Water Bearer, the event will reflect all of those traits.

While you can rely on a full moon in Aquarius to happen annually, the planetary aspects — or weather, if you will — vary from year to year. In 2022, the moon will be conjunct with Saturn, the planet of restriction, boundaries, and limitations but also commitment, structure, and hard work. As Saturn has moved through Aquarius, the planet has been requiring that you commit to considering what's best for your networks, communities, and the planet as a whole.

During this moment, as Aquarius cozies up to the emotional moon, that work becomes personal. Instead of focusing exclusively on your own personal fitness program, you could be inspired to join forces with a few co-workers and train together for a 5K benefitting a nonprofit. Or, you might join a yoga studio with some friends in order to add a layer of accountability that helps everyone stick to their cross-training game plans.

This full moon in Aquarius is also squaring off against rebellious Uranus, which is currently moving through the fixed earth sign Taurus. The word to bear in mind when it comes to this planetary clash is restlessness. Sure, being wired can occasionally help you reach your goals, but in this case, it can manifest poorly. You'll want to watch out for anxious thoughts, struggling to squeeze in enough sleep, and erratic behavior (your own or exhibited by those around you). It's a case to do your best to step up whatever routines help you get centered.

How to Make the Most of the August 2022 Full Moon In Aquarius

With inventive Aquarius at the helm of this month's full moon — plus its conjunction to Saturn emphasizing hard work and its square to Uranus throwing curveballs — it wouldn't be abnormal to feel like your energy and focus are a bit all over the place right now. Thankfully, there are moves you can make to feel more balanced and make the most of August's full moon in Aquarius.

Find a Way to Meet Your Own Needs While Showing Up for Others

While Leo is all about celebrating your sense of self, Aquarius is focused on what's best for their community. They're generally interested in talking about their own goals or stepping into the spotlight only if it will benefit the greater good. In an ideal world, you should strike a balance between these two mindsets. During this full moon in Aquarius, doing exactly that could look like taking a Pilates class that's raising funds for a local charity, swapping your weekly hike for a local beach clean-up, or volunteering at a local race.

Commit to a Step-by-Step Game Plan

Even though full moons are culmination points — not the first steps toward achieving a greater goal — swimming in your emotions during this time can inspire you to come up with a new way forward. And Saturn's influence on this full moon in Aquarius will require you to get serious about what you want to achieve and be willing to do the work. So instead of simply daydreaming or talking about what the future holds, you'll want to sign up for that meditation training or finally reach out to that physical therapist you were referred to a while back.

Find Your Inner Peace

Uranus colors this full moon in Aquarius with a frenetic energy that could spur exciting realizations — but also make you feel like you're jumping out of your skin. That's why this is the perfect moment to lean on any activity that helps you to feel more grounded, whether that's practicing deep breathing or taking a stretch class. Whatever works best for you can make it even easier to enjoy the positive side of electrifying, game-changer Uranus.

Zodiac Signs the Full Moon In Aquarius Will Affect Most

If you were born under the sign of the Water Bearer — approximately January 20 to February 18 — or with your personal planets (the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars) in Aquarius, you'll feel this full moon in Aquarius more than most. More specifically, if you have a personal planet that falls within five degrees of the full moon (19 degrees Aquarius), you could feel especially focused on a personal culmination point and determined to put in the work to move toward the future. Similarly, if you were born with your sun or other planetary placements in a fellow fixed sign — Taurus (fixed earth), Scorpio (fixed water), Leo (fixed fire) — you'll feel the intensity of this full moon. (BTW, your natal chart will clue you in on your planetary placements.)

The Astrological Takeaway for the Full Moon In Aquarius

Full moons often bring to mind visions of drama, but there's a more serious and rational tone this time around, given the fact that science-minded Aquarius and hard-working Saturn are at the helm. Not to mention, the astrological event will drive you to help others — not just yourself — for a change. And thanks to Uranus, the key planet squaring off against this month's full moon in Aquarius, it'll be best to keep an open mind and expect the unexpected. And in doing so, you'll be even more capable of blazing an applause-worthy trail toward the future.

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