This Month's Full Moon In Capricorn Will Have You Rethinking Your Current Wellness Game Plan

During this month's full moon in industrious Capricorn, you'll be more apt to put your nose to the grindstone and come up with an exciting new approach to reach your goals.

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With the sun moving through deeply feeling Cancer for the past few weeks, emotions have likely been running high. And as the sentimental month drags on, you might find yourself looking back and reflecting on the progress you've made toward your most ambitious wellness goals this year — and how you want to move forward from here. While that type of introspection usually feels overwhelming, it may be easier than usual right now. The reason: A full moon in hardworking cardinal earth sign Capricorn is bringing a burst of diligent, industrious, and innovative energy.

Though the full moon in Capricorn falls exactly on July 13 at 2:37 p.m. ET/11:37 a.m. PT, full moons can usually be felt for several days before and after they occur, giving you plenty of time to take advantage of their energy. Here, your guide to making the most of the July 2022 full moon in Capricorn.

What Full Moons Mean In Astrology

First, some basics on the astrological significance of a full moon: Because the moon acts as your emotional compass, ruling over your intuition and sense of security, it tends to amplify all of those themes when it's at its most full and luminous.

Full moons present a monthly (and on occasion, twice monthly) chance to take the temperature of your most deep-rooted feelings, reflect on your closest bonds — including the one you have with yourself — and hit a culmination point so you can start a new chapter in a clearer headspace. As such, full moons can make it easier to connect your heart with your body, such as through meditation, therapy, yoga, running, or other wellness activities — especially those that will benefit you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Wellness Themes of the July 2022 Capricorn Full Moon

Cardinal earth sign Capricorn — symbolized by the Sea Goat and ruled by Saturn (the planet of boundaries, limitations, commitment, and hard work) — is one of the most pragmatic and driven signs of the whole zodiac. Saturn might sound rather dour and gloomy, but it provides structure and diligence. Anyone born with planetary placements in Capricorn has the propensity to take slow, steady, calculated approaches that will allow them to ultimately reach the peak of whatever mountain they've set their hearts on climbing. That said, full moons in Capricorn will encourage you to think about how far you've come, particularly since the new moon in Capricorn occurred on January 2, toward reaching your goals. This astrological event will also ignite thoughts around your discipline, boundaries, and the work you've done — or perhaps still need to do to feel like you're on track.

While you can count on a full moon in Capricorn to occur annually, the planetary aspects (aka weather) shift from year to year. In 2022, this full moon forms a harmonious trine to Uranus, the planet of rebellion and change, in fellow grounded earth sign Taurus. This pairing can lead to eye-opening realizations, innovation, and a desire to break out of any rut you've been in lately. You might be inspired to try a completely different approach to your fitness goals (think: swapping cardio with strength training) or to break free of a rigorous practice that just isn't serving you the way you once believed it would.

If the path forward still feels a bit hazy and unclear, take it as a sign to act onyour dreams in an especially slow, steady, Capricornian way. This year, the moon will also form an opposition to Mercury (the planet of communication) in Cancer, which can make it tough to gain immediate clarity. In turn, you could be blinded by emotions that are necessary to identify and work through before you make like an assiduous Cap and put your nose to the grindstone. TL;DR: Spend some time processing your thoughts and emotions, then take big steps forward to hit your goals.

How to Make the Most of the July 2022 Full Moon In Capricorn

With hardworking Capricorn at the helm of this month's full moon — and its trine to game-changer Uranus providing a surge of electrifying inspiration — you'll feel fired up to commit to an ambitious wellness game plan, whether that's a serious 5K training routine or a progressively challenging yoga class that ultimately teaches you how to nail the headstand pose. No matter your sign, here are a few ways you make the most of the full moon in Capricorn.

Just Go For It

Though Capricorns have a reputation for being a practical traditionalist, they also love taking initiative — and they have the industriousness to stick with it. Whether you've been wanting to tackle a challenging hiking trail or finally break your current deadlift PR, this full moon could present a wonderful opportunity for believing in yourself, thinking bigger, and diving right in.

Be Open to Change

Since this full moon features a trine to Uranus, the planet of revolution and sudden "OMG" moments, you could have stunning realizations and be caught off guard by unexpected twists and turns. Thankfully, because this trine is a positive aspect happening in grounded earth signs, you can absolutely handle whatever comes up around this full moon. Just remember that a willingness to see where the moment takes you — such as pivoting from an intense HIIT class to a foam rolling-filled recovery day because that's what your body needs most right now — sets you up for the most success during this lunar event.

Own Your Desire to Be Cheered On

Associated with the tenth house of career and public image, Capricorns can't help but work hard — but not for nothing. Their ideal endgame is to earn a round of applause. So if you've been working toward the finish line of a particular wellness aspiration without enough pats on the back or cheerleading from your VIPs, now could be a moment in which you fully embrace your desire for support and recognition. Invite your besties to your weightlifting competition, ask your parents to watch you race your first half-marathon, or call up your siblings on FaceTime so you can show off that challenging headstand.

Zodiac Signs the Full Moon In Capricorn Will Affect Most

If you were born under the sign of the Sea Goat — approximately December 21 to January 19 — or with your personal planets (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars) in Capricorn, you'll feel this full moon's industrious energy more than most. More specifically, if you have a personal planet that falls within five degrees of the full moon (21 degrees Capricorn), your emotions could be running especially high. Similarly, those born in fellow cardinal signs Aries (cardinal fire), Cancer (cardinal water), and Libra (cardinal air) will feel the full moon in Capricorn's energy in a more intense, personal way. (BTW, your natal chart will clue you in on your planetary placements.)

The Astrological Takeaway for the Full Moon In Capricorn

It's true that full moons often spur volatility, but since the event is ruled by Saturn this month, there should be a less dramatic vibe. Still, because it forms a positive trine to change-spurring Uranus, it may be best to expect the unexpected. Ultimately, though, you can make the most of this full moon in Capricorn by getting real with yourself and your goals, finding the beauty in more structure, and giving yourself plenty of credit for the mountains you've climbed before striving to take on your next, loftiest aspiration.

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