This Month's Full Moon In Sagittarius Will Push You Out of Your Comfort Zone

With unfiltered, adventurous fire sign Sagittarius at the helm of this month's full moon, you'll be inspired to make bold, powerful moves.

Full Moon in Sagittarius 2022
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Over the last month, wrenches have likely been thrown into your plans to level up your workouts or plan a wellness retreat, thanks to Mercury retrograde and the pressure it creates to wrap up old business before taking on anything brand new. But now that Mercury is back on its course and a big, boisterous, fiery full moon in Sagittarius is arriving, you can more readily fulfill your mental, physical, and emotional needs — and speak your truth.

Although the full moon in Sagittarius falls exactly on June 14 at 7:52 a.m. ET/4:52 a.m. PT, full moons can usually be felt for several days before and after they occur, giving you plenty of time to harness their power. Here, your guide to making the most of the June 2022 full moon in Sagittarius.

What Full Moons Mean In Astrology

First, some basics on the astrological significance of a full moon: Because the moon acts as your emotional compass, ruling over your intuition and sense of security, it tends to amplify all of those themes when it's at its most full and luminous.

Full moons present a monthly (and on occasion, twice monthly) opportunity to get a read on your deepest feelings, reflect on your closest relationships — including the one you have with yourself — and wrap up a chapter of your life so you can start another in a clearer headspace. As such, full moons can make it easier to connect your heart with your body, such as through meditation, therapy, yoga, running, or other wellness activities, which will help you gain clarity and feel more centered.

Wellness Themes of the June 2022 Sagittarius Full Moon

Mutable fire sign Sagittarius, symbolized by the Archer and ruled by Jupiter (the planet of expansion and fortune), is one of the most direct, truth-telling, unfiltered, and free-spirited signs of the whole zodiac. Jupiter has a magnifying effect on everything it comes in contact with, sending the message that bigger — or more — is better. So it's no wonder that Sagittarians loathe boundaries, preferring to explore and learn everything they possibly can — then likely form an opinion on it. And as the ruler of the ninth house of adventure and higher learning, Sagittarians are also known for their insatiable appetite for travel, knowledge, and justice. Basically, adventure sports, yoga retreats, and activities involving taking leaps of faith — particularly when they have a chance to learn and grow — were made for Archers.

In turn, full moons that happen under the influence of Sagittarius tend to emphasize the mind-gut connection and stoke a thirst for the kind of wisdom that can be gained through eye-opening experiences. They're also moments in which you could feel especially cheerful, thanks to the influence of lucky Jupiter, and simultaneously passionate about your most deeply held beliefs.

While you can count on a full moon in Sagittarius to occur annually, the planetary aspects — or weather — shift from year to year. In 2022, this full moon forms a friendly connection to Saturn (the planet of structure and commitment) in the fixed air sign Aquarius, which can help you more readily take an emotionally charged vision and transform it into a concrete action plan. But at the same time, the full moon in Sagittarius will square off against Neptune (the planet of spirituality, dreams, and the unconscious) in mutable water sign Pisces, which can make it tougher to tell the difference between what's real and what's not. You might initially second guess yourself or feel like you're fooling yourself by striving for a particularly lofty goal, such as completing a Spartan Race or finally being able to pull a weighted sled like Kate Upton.

Fortunately, Jupiter plays a major role during this particular lunar event, and you can count on it to lead with optimism. In other words, while there may be some initial confusion around the most productive way to channel your biggest emotions right now, the general vibe of this full moon is a readiness to plow ahead with positivity and conviction.

How to Make the Most of the June 2022 Full Moon In Sagittarius

With go-getter Sagittarius as the director of this particular astrological event and its sextile to Saturn providing a healthy dose of pragmatism, this full moon will empower you to speak your truth and then take bold action that aligns with your vision. No matter your sign, here are a few ways you make the most of the full moon in Sagittarius.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Sagittarius is all about pushing limits and going beyond the mundane. Whether you've been putting off trying the pistol squat or renewing your passport so you can finally cross the world to climb Mount Everest, this moon could inspire you to break free of anything holding you back.

Hone Your Skill Set

Maybe you've been considering trying stand-up paddleboarding or finally signing up for that yoga teacher training. You can make the most of the full moon — and its sextile to hardworking Saturn — by zeroing in on a big-picture vision that requires putting your nose to the grindstone to learn, grow, and solidify your skills. Because Saturn's in science-minded, group-oriented Aquarius, you could find that working with technology and banding together with friends can help you cross the finish line, as well. For instance, you might partner with a running coach, sign up for mobility classes, and sync your smartwatch with your besties' to up your chances of actually running a marathon this year.

Lean Into Activities That Bring You Joy

Both Gemini energy, offered up by the sun right now, and Sagittarius vibes tend to be quite upbeat, social, and all about living life to the fullest. For that reason, this full moon can be a productive moment for embracing any workout or mind-body routine that's innately tied to happiness for you — and perhaps a friend or two. So sign up for a super-sweaty spin class set to an EDM soundtrack, hike along a beloved trail, or take the time for your fave dance cardio class.

Zodiac Signs the Full Moon In Sagittarius Will Affect Most

If you were born under the sign of the Archer — approximately November 22 to December 21 — or with your personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars) in Sagittarius, you'll undoubtedly feel the power of this full moon. More specifically, if you have a personal planet that falls within five degrees of the eclipse (23 degrees Sagittarius), the need for change will be especially apparent. Similarly, those born in fellow mutable signs Gemini (mutable air), Virgo (mutable earth), and Pisces (mutable water) will feel the full moon in Sagittarius' energy in a more intense, personal way. (BTW, your natal chart will clue you in on your planetary placements.)

The Astrological Takeaway for the Full Moon In Sagittarius

It's true that full moons often spur volatility and drama, and Sagittarius' ruler, Jupiter, does tend to magnify everything it comes in contact with. That said, it's also the planet of fortune and abundance, and you can capitalize on the astrological event by allowing the Sagittarius' buoyant, optimistic view to empower you to share how you feel — ideally in the fire sign's signature unfiltered manner. From there, you can take bold action steps beyond one chapter and into the next.

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