What Jennifer Lopez's and Ben Affleck's Astrology Reveals About Their Relationship

Lopez and Affleck got married, to the delight of Bennifer fans everywhere. Find out what astrology reveals about the couple's relationship.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's astrological compatibility reads like the lyrics of J.Lo's new hit song, "On My Way." Both have married other people and experienced many things in life, but they can't escape the love they have. They rekindled their romance in 2021 and have remained together since, in the face of any skeptics who argued that getting back with an ex is always a bad idea.

Lopez announced that she and Affleck married in Las Vegas over the weekend in her On the JLo newsletter, and that should come as no surprise if you've ever looked into the stars' astrology. Their astrology charts not only mirror each other, but show a couple who have mutual respect and love for each other. In a world full of people, J.Lo and Affleck will always unite, laugh, and share dreams. It's no wonder why they kept in touch throughout the years before their reunion — their birth charts long to be in contact. (

They Have Next-Level Chemistry

Lopez and Affleck both have a Leo sun and Scorpio moon. This means that they both are bold and daring, and thrive in the limelight. But, it's important for them to have rich personal lives as well. When it comes to how they care for others, they have an intense and deep emotional need to give themselves freely to those they care about. The Scorpio moon aims to grow and evolve, which is why this relationship can transcend the years and has reunited them together. Their passionate desires and love for each other are limitless and will deepen with time. Both understand the other on a soulful level. What's more, both of their Mercury signs are in Leo. This means that they have an easy time communicating, laughing, and understanding each other's jokes. They have the same sense of humor and interests that are easy to share. To sum everything up, according to the stars, they're a perfect match.

They Are Soulmates

In astrology, the planet Saturn is considered to be the glue that holds two charts together. When looking at composite charts (charts that reveal insight about a pair's relationship), finding whether or not a Saturnian element exists between both parties is essential. This reveals whether the relationship has longevity and whether both people will be able to stand the test of time. Affleck's Saturn aligns with J.Lo's Venus in Gemini, proving that they have staying power as a couple. No matter what happens or where they go in life, they'll always come back to each other due to Saturn binding their paths. Further, Affleck's Saturn squares J.Lo's Nodes of Destiny (which denotes her fate in this lifetime), making this a karmic and past life connection. They will always find each other come together in every lifetime because they are soulmates.

Their Reunion Was Destined

Astrologers look at markers for reunions between couples. The Nodes of Destiny were in the same Gemini and Sagittarius axis in 2002 when the couple first dated and aspected the same energy when they reunited in 2021. Further, in 2002, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth, and luck was in Cancer. In 2021, Jupiter was in Capricorn when they reconnected. This Jupiter opposition (from Cancer to Capricorn) signifies confidence and excitement. It gave them the confidence and desire to be honest about their feelings, opting to go public and to share their heartfelt sentiments for each other with the world. (

Their Engagement Was Auspiciously Timed

Lopez's and Affleck's engagement occurred at an extremely auspicious time, according to the stars. When Jupiter and Neptune connect on April 12 in this once-in-a-lifetime transit, it is the beginning of a new dream. Being that their engagement occurred days before this transit, it's safe to say that they're both committing to a vision of marriage and a life together — making their union something that they've both been working toward over the past several years.

Will It Last This Time Around?

Yes, both of them seem to be older and wiser than they were the first time they got engaged, and they did get married, making things official. But, if you were to answer this question based solely on astrology, the answer is a definite yes. The stars say these two individuals will always seek each other out and that they have a genuine love that will blossom throughout time. And, it will evolve in the next lifetime towards something even greater, as they are soulmates. There really is nothing more amazing and genuine than two Leos in love.

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