Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Are Actually Pretty Compatible, According to an Astrologer

That kiss on SNL was just the start of a steamy (and real!) relationship. Here's what their charts say about Kardashian and Davidson's sexy connection.

Up until recently, the main romantic attraction for Kardashian watchers has been Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, whose recent engagement left fans swooning. But now, all eyes are on the potential coupling of Pete Davidson and Kim — who officially called it quits with Kanye West, her hubs of almost seven years, in February. Rumors started swirling that Kardashian, 41, and Davidson, 28, might be an item following the KKW Beauty founder's appearance on Saturday Night Live.

They were spied spending time together — and holding hands on a roller coaster — at Knott's Scary Farm in Southern California with Kourtney and Travis. Then, they headed to Zero Bond, a private social club in Manhattan, and the night prior, Davidson took Kardashian to Staten Island for a private dinner.

Now, it's confirmed that the two are dating. "This is not a stunt," a source told The New York Post. "Kim doesn't need to do that, that's not her style. There's plenty of other things she could do to get attention. "It's super early, but there's interest from both sides. The hard thing is putting a label on whatever this is."

The insider added, "All Kim's friends are supporting this. I know that her friends think the world of [Davidson]. They think he's funny and charming. And she's definitely at a point where she's ready to get out there to see people."

A look at the couple's synastry — aka the study of their astrological compatibility — shows there's undoubtedly chemistry between the buzzyworthy pair. (Curious about your own romantic chemistry with someone? Here's everything you need to know about astrological compatibility.)

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson astrology
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Their Sun Signs Are Just One Piece of the Puzzle

Kardashian (who was born on October 21, 1980 at 10:46 a.m. in Los Angeles, California) might have been born right on the cusp of the sun moving into Scorpio, but her sun is solidly in Libra. Davidson (born on November 16, 1993 at time unknown, so let's go with noon, in Staten Island, New York) was born with his sun in Scorpio.

If you were to just look at this piece of their compatibility, you'd think they might not have that much in common. Libra and Scorp are semisextile — meaning one sign apart, and therefore a slightly awkward, frustrating pairing. Cardinal air sign Libra likes to keep everything light, diplomatic, aesthetically-pleasing, and balanced, while fixed water sign Scorpio prefers to face down the darker side of life, even if it isn't pretty. Air is generally most compatible with air and fire signs, while water does best with other water signs and earth signs.

But if you really want to tackle a couple's synastry, you need to dig a bit deeper. And Kardashian was born with her Mercury (aka how she communicates and thinks) and Uranus (how she strikes out on her own) in the fixed water sign, and they're fairly close to one another in her chart (aka conjunct), so it's no wonder she likes to push against the status quo in how she expresses herself (this year's eyebrow-raising Met Gala look, anyone?).

And Davidson's sun, Pluto, and midheaven (aka an angle on his chart that speaks to his public image) are all conjunct Kardashian's Scorp. Meaning, the way she expresses herself is in sync with his core identity (sun), how he asserts his power and passion (Pluto), and his professional north star (midheaven).

These transformative Scorpionic conjunctions alone underline just how quickly the two have captured the public's imagination and how much potential they have for becoming a power couple.

A Harmonious Moon-Sun Trine Makes for an Easygoing Bond

Kardashian was born with her moon (often referred to as your "emotional compass") in empathic, escapist mutable water sign Pisces, which forms an almost perfect trine — aka an easygoing, sweet angle that forms between signs of the same element — to Davidson's sun in Scorpio. This means her emotional compass is in harmony with his core identity. They have similar ways of seeing themselves and experiencing emotion and intuition, which can make them feel like they really just get one another. (See: What Moon Sign Compatibility Can Tell You About a Relationship)

Jupiter's Influence Makes for Lot of Fun and Fortune

Not only are Davidson's sun, Pluto, and midheaven all in Scorpio, but he was born with his Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus there, too. And his natal Jupiter (how he makes his luck) is in the earliest degrees of the sign (01 degree to be exact) while Kardashian's sun sits at 28 degrees of Libra, so this is considered a conjunction too. And when one person's Jupiter is conjunct another person's sun, they'll find it easy to be open, warm, positive, and adventurous together. There's a general feeling of optimism and good fortune that exists between these two. It's no wonder the sources speaking to outlets about the couple emphasize the fact that Davidson makes Kardashian laugh, and they're having fun together. (See: What Your Venus Sign Can Tell You About Relationships, Beauty, and Money)

Their Sexual Chemistry Is Off the Charts

Kardashian's natal Mars — which colors your energy, how your take action and assert yourself, and how you express anger and sexuality — sits at 6 degrees of Sagittarius, the free-spirited, jovial, truth-seeking mutable fire sign. Davidson's Mars? 5 degrees of Sag. This means the pair has a super tight Mars conjunction, which means they're driven in the same way, take steps to achieve their goals the same way, and are in sync sexually. Wanderlust-y Sag is all about getting out of the mundane and exploring new terrain, so chances are they're psyched about finding someone else who feels the same way — in and out of the bedroom.

What the Planets Say About Kim and Pete's Future

It took two seconds for tongue-waggers to label Kardashian and Davidson's potential pairing as "unlikely," but a brief perusal of their astrological charts proves that's pretty much the last word you'd use to describe their connection. Given their sexy, intuitive water and fire connections, these two actually have a lot in common.

Being that we're in the midst of Scorpio season and the planets are hitting on all of those conjunctions, it's no surprise they're captivating the public's imagination at the moment. They could be having a fun, lighthearted, sexy Mars-in-Sag-flavored fling that lasts only a season, but their sweet moon-sun trine and all that shared fixed water could speak to deeper, romantic, longer-lasting bond as well. Either way, judging from their charts, Kardashian and Davidson's time together will likely be as steamy as it is fortunate and fun.

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