Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's Astrology Shows Their Love Is Off the Charts

The newly married couple really does feel as heartfelt as they do horny about one another, according to Shape's resident astrologer.

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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have been serving up some serious PDA since making their romance Instagram official last year. From photos of Kardashian straddling Barker in every way imaginable to steamy double dates with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, it's pretty clear that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum, 42, and the Blink-182 rocker, 45, are head over heels for one another. And on Monday, the couple got married in a surprise wedding, sealing the deal on "forever."

Although the couple's relationship trajectory might seem super-speedy to some, Kardashian and Barker were friends for years before taking their bond from platonic to romantic. To better understand how they connect, what spurred their Libra SZN engagement, and what the future holds, you'll want to take a look at the planets, Kardashian and Barker's astrological birth charts, and the couple's synastry (aka astrological compatibility).

Here's why — and how — the pair connect, according to the planets.

They Challenge One Another to Grow

Kardashian (who was born on April 18, 1979, at 3:15 a.m. in Los Angeles, California) is an Aries. The cardinal fire sign, known for being impulsive, competitive, and playful, is quincunx — an awkward angle that denotes a lack of commonality — fixed water sign Scorpio, which Barker (born on November 14, 1975, at 8:59 p.m. in Fontana, California) claims as his sun sign.

In general, being born with a sun sign that is quincunx your partner's sun sign might sound super-problematic, but all it means is that you have to put in some work to grasp one another's core identity and self-image. But if you do, you could expand understanding not only of your partner but yourself. In the case of Kardashian and Barker, his Scorpio is an opportunity for her to learn more about forging a deep, transformative bond while her lighthearted, sparky Aries vibe can help Barker to be more in the moment. (Quiz: What Zodiac Sign Are You Really?)

They Have a Seriously Steamy Spark

The sun tells us about one small piece of Kardashian and Barker's relationship puzzle. It's clear from all the sexy Instagram photos and hot-and-bothered Misfits lyrics posts that the two share insane physical chemistry. While it took them a minute to get together romantically, their attraction was likely instantaneous. Barker's north node (a point on the birth chart that speaks to your karmic path in this life) forms a harmonious trine to Kardashian's Venus, the planet of love, which characterizes how you express and want to receive affection. They probably felt very drawn to one another and were likely at ease with one another from the start.

Plus, Kardashian's Venus, which is in Pisces, is almost exactly trine (a lovely, harmonizing angle) with Barker's ascendant/rising sign in fellow water sign Cancer, which also speaks to a right-away spark and attraction.

As if that wasn't enough, Kardashian's Mars — the planet that oversees action, energy, and sex — in Aries forms a conjunction (meaning, it's in nearly the same degrees and sign) with Barker's moon, which functions as a person's emotional compass. In other words, the way Kardashian takes action and expresses herself sexually mirrors how Barker feels intuitively and wants to be nurtured. (

Their relationship also brings them luck. Barker's Jupiter — which speaks to how he experiences fortune and expansion — is conjunct Kardashian's Mars, too, serving to magnify that emotional and sexual chemistry. His Midheaven (aka Medium Coeli or MC, a point on the natal chart that speaks to your professional path) is there, too. This means their relationship is very much tied into and compatible with his public image.

They Can't Help But Have a Lot of Heartfelt, Romantic Fun Together

Kardashian's famous family has publicly expressed how happy and supportive they are of the Poosh founder's romance with Barker. That's underlined by the fact that his ascendant/rising sign in Cancer is almost exactly conjunct her Jupiter, which indicates a connection where two people really bring out the best in one another and make each other feel lucky and happy. Adorably, this conjunction is located in Kardashian's fifth house of romance and self-expression, which encompasses the lighthearted, playful, fun-loving aspect of a relationship.

The Planets' Ultimate Say on Kourtney and Travis, aka 'Kravis'

On Oct. 17, 2021, the day that Barker popped the question, the moon moved over Kardashian's Venus in Pisces, which, remember, forms all those sweet connections with Barker's chart. Messenger Mercury was also on Barker's Pluto — the planet of power and rebirth — indicating a deep, transformative conversation. And Venus, currently moving through Sagittarius, hit Barker's Neptune (the planet of spirituality) that day, signaling a romantic, beauty-bringing new chapter for the couple.

The bottom-line: With so much excitement, chemistry, and luck infusing this buzzy couple's astrological compatibility, it's clear they've found a partnership that's not only deeply fulfilling but seriously hot.

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