Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Got Married During Mercury In Retrograde

Find out what an astrologer has to say about the meaning behind the couple's wedding date(s).

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian at The 2022 Met Gala against a red blood eclipse background
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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have officially had three weddings, two of which occurred while Mercury was in the retrograde that began on May 10 and ends on June 3. Their second wedding on May 15 also happened to take place during a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio. In case you were wondering, the date holds some significant meaning that could predict the outcome of their relationship, according to astrology. (

There are a few things to consider when making an assessment about wedding dates in astrology: Was either party born during a Mercury retrograde? When was the marriage contract signed? Is this a second wedding for the pair?

Neither the reality TV star nor the Blink-182 drummer was born when Mercury was moonwalking (aka in retrograde). This is important to note, because Mercury retrograde is typically a wonderful time for those who were born when the planet was back-spinning, but that's not the case for this pair.

Additionally, it's the signing of the marriage license that's the most important, rather than the ceremony or reception. As far as the public knows, Kardashian and Barker signed the marital contract during the retrograde on May 15 in Santa Barbara, CA. This timing could heal some unconventionality within the relationship. Finally, since the two had a "mock" wedding in Las Vegas earlier this year, the second wedding, a retrograde recurrence, was probably better than the first one.

As predicted, Kardashian and Barker had a third wedding on May 22 (yes, when Mercury was still in retrograde) that was decidedly over-the-top — they had a weekend-long celebration in Italy with family and close friends. People tend to do things three times during Mercury retrograde (in the pre-, post-, and actual backspin). This is because there are pre- and post- retrograde zones that coincide with retrograde degrees. Activities are done three times because the planetary aspects and degrees are in play three times during these phases of the retrograde.

To be clear, there are plenty of people who have said their nuptials during Mercury retrograde and had long-lasting marriages. Marriages that commence during retrogrades may be unpredictable or confusing to the people involved and to outsiders. The couple might seem like an unlikely pairing. But it's rarely a reversal of fortune; it simply means outsiders may question the union — something happening to Kardashian and Barker now through the glare of social media.

Now, the other big question surrounding the couple's second wedding date: What does it mean to be married during a lunar eclipse (an event that occurs when the full moon moves in the Earth's shadow)? For starters, full moons are technically endings, because they're the last phase of the lunar cycle. But new beginnings come from endings, so it could simply indicate the couple starting a new journey and life together. Eclipses can also make people feel as though it's now or never, which is the vibe Kardashian and Barker may have felt when they married. (See: What Is a Twin Flame Relationship?)

It's also important to look at the individual charts of the pair before jumping to conclusions. In Barker's birth chart, the North Node of Destiny is in Scorpio (this is a karmic path of the birth chart that's associated with the lunar nodes that dictate the energy a person pulls in) and aligns with the eclipse point. Therefore, it seems this wedding is part of his fate in life.

Planet of love, dreams, and hope, Neptune, is on Kardashian's Pisces ascendent (which is the part of the birth chart that seeks out certain energy). This means she's really in it to win it with Barker. She seems to be head-over-heels in love and wanted to take the jump. Her birth chart points to someone who's found their soulmate. (

While Mercury in retrograde and a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio may make their second wedding date seem astrologically charged, love always trumps astrology. Even if the dates and aspects aren't auspicious, what matters most is that a couple cares about one other and has a strong foundation.

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