Welcome to Leo Season 2021: Everything You Need to Know

Here's what you can expect during the sun's annual trip through the confident, spotlight-loving fire sign.

Every year, from approximately July 22 to August 22, the sun makes its trip through the fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo, the self-assured, charismatic, and optimistic fixed fire sign. Throughout the Lion's season, no matter what sign you were born under, you're likely to feel more buoyant, direct, goal-oriented, and be eager to put on a show, be playful, and express yourself without reservations. As fun as it is, soaking up Leo's big camera-ready energy could feel like a bit of whiplash coming out of Cancer's slow-paced, snuggly, homebody vibe, but it can also offer up a welcome shift to a steamy, fun-loving, fired-up tone that can help you get after whatever it is you've been dreaming about achieving before the shiny, sun-filled days of summer wind down.

The dynamic fire sign's season was made for standing stronger in your sense of self and pouring passion into your personal brand all while diving into the creative, fun-loving side of life. As the ruler of the fifth house of romance and self-expression, Leo energy celebrates the beauty of being in tune with your inner flame — the ideas and pastimes and projects that light you up inside — and then feel empowered to stick with it until you're at the top of our game. At the same time, the magic and power of having fun, being in the moment, and embracing spontaneity isn't to be underestimated.

To the Lion, dancing, dreaming out loud, flirting, letting your artistic impulses lead the way, and immersing yourself in romantic moments that feel like a teenage dream come true is the best possible way to spend their season. If you're having glimmery, Gatsby-esque visions of twinkly lights, overflowing champagne, a lively band, and the sense that you could fall head over heels in love at any given moment, then you're totally in sync with Leo's mid-summer energy.

But while the sun moves through Leo every year around this time, the moon and planets move at different paces and patterns in our solar system. So, annually, we get a unique experience of each sign's season. Here's a glimpse at Leo season 2021.

Leo Season Explainer
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The first two full moons in Leo's sister sign presents a reality check.

With only one day of Leo season in the rearview mirror, July 23 delivers a full moon in the Lion's opposite or sister sign, Aquarius, which forms a wide orb to taskmaster planet Saturn. At the same time, the confident sun is moving closer and closer to its annual opposition to Saturn, which will be exact on August 1. You could feel this as a restrictive, limiting, frustrating effect — especially on relationships. Thankfully, any reality checks that come up for you around this full moon can be addressed with self-awareness and hard work, both of which Saturn will reward.

You'll need to refocus on community and team efforts.

After spending several months in mystical, psychic Pisces, magnifying our spiritual, empathic, and creative pursuits, fortunate Jupiter — currently retrograde — backs up into humanitarian, future-minded Aquarius on July 28. For the next five months (aka until December 28), you'll revisit some of the themes that came up for you for the first five months of the year.

Jupiter in Aquarius is all about growing, expanding, learning, and fueling fortune stemming from friends and community, so you can expect Leo season — which works on expanding the self, aka a party of one — to push and pull you between these two opposing themes.

You'll be empowered to zero in on a bold dream, speak your truth, and create wild change.

The first week of August will see rebellious Uranus interacting with Venus, the sun, and then the Leo new moon on August 8, encouraging you to switch up the path you've been on for the sake of your relationships, your core identity, and your emotional well-being. In the days around the new moon, in particular, you could feel that electrifying Uranian energy which often manifests as feeling antsy, nervous, or as though you're on the brink of a massive shift. In fact, steeling yourself for radical change might be a smart move, given how this lunar event could play out. (See: Quarantine Made You Crave a Major Life Change — Should You Follow Through?)

The new moon also forms a wide conjunction to messenger Mercury in its penultimate full day in Leo, emphasizing thinking and self-expression around the powerful intentions this period could inspire you to set. It's a time to research, discuss, and — given the proud nature of Leo — ultimately stand strong in whatever it is you've landed on.

It also bears noting that on August 19, Uranus will go retrograde, spurring more internal reflection around whatever it is you want to overhaul or makeover in your life.

The more communication and information-gathering you do, the better.

Despite July 22 to August 22 being the Lion's time to shine, a couple of planets will be making their way into the next sign of the zodiac, mutable earth sign Virgo, ruled by communication planet Mercury.

On July 29, go-getter Mars ends its vibrant, dynamic two-month stay in Leo, imbuing action, sex lives, and energy with a Virgoan and more thoughtful, analytical, service-oriented tone until September 14. Instead of making moves quickly and assertively, you'll want to ensure all the details are correct, you've gotten all your paperwork in order, and you're clear on who — or what — you're supporting through the steps you're taking.

And on August 11, messenger Mercury moves into Virgo as well, a sign in which it's super-comfortable and able to function efficiently. Although its time in Leo might've helped you spiritedly roar about what's in your heart, its trip through Virgo is empowering in its own, albeit quieter, more studious way. You can more easily dive into research, gain clarity on detail-oriented matters, and have intellectually-charged conversations.

Expect relationships to be a source of balance.

On August 16, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, comes home to Libra, one of two signs it rules. After being in thoughtful but particular Virgo since July 21, this period can feel like an especially sweet moment for relationships of all kinds. Venus is at her happiest here, bringing centeredness and harmony to our nearest and dearest bonds while making it easier to have memorable romantic, social, or artistic experiences until September 10. (

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