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An In-Depth Wellness Guide to the Leo Zodiac Sign

Learn what workouts to test, self-care activities to try, and beauty practices to indulge in to make the most of your Leo zodiac sign — all according to an astrologer.

Although folks who are born under the zodiac sign Leo are represented by the mighty Lion in astrology, they're just as much of a gentle, loving pussycat as a ferocious animal. Sure, they'll stand up for their beliefs and roar about their passions, which can come across as intimidating, but they're also incredibly loyal, generous, and kind to their loved ones.

As the rulers of the hypothetical jungle, lion-like Leos are also natural leaders and, at times, turn into dramatic divas. It's important for Leos to honor themselves, and they must try not to settle for anything less than what they deserve, put their needs first, and not worry about being perceived as selfish. And just like the wild cat, bold Leos enjoy being the center of attention — they're not afraid to post a thirst trap on Instagram or brag about their latest deadlift PR to their friends and family.

But there's more to Leos than just loyalty, passion, and self-assurance. To get a deeper understanding of the Leo zodiac sign, keep reading for stats, traits, compatibility, and a wellness toolkit that will help you optimize your health and fitness goals as a leo.

Leo Zodiac Sign Quick Stats

  • Leo Dates: July 22 - August 23
  • Leo Symbol: The Lion ♌️
  • Leo Ruling Planet: The Sun
  • Leo Element: Fire
  • Leo Modality: Fixed
  • Leo Ruling House: 5th house of play, creativity, excitement, fun, artistry, and children
  • Leo Key Traits: Heartfelt, generous, passionate, dramatic, gregarious, and lovable

Leo Characteristics and Personality Traits

Confidence, fearlessness, and passion. Those are the three core adjectives that describe the Leo zodiac sign's personality. They're not afraid to call someone out on their B.S., stand up for what they believe in, or sign up for a half-marathon without ever having run a 5k. And once they find the hobby, activity, or topic that makes them feel enlivened, they'll never let it go.

While these are generally desirable qualities,they can manifest poorly at times. On their "bad days," enthusiastic Leos can come across as needy, as they'll demand that other people give all their attention to hearing about the Lion's passions and desires. They'll also never step away from an argument until it's finished — even if they should — as they aren't scared of fighting for a cause or perspective they believe in. As lovers of the spotlight, Leos are incredibly proud, but underneath their bravado lies a sensitive soul, so they will use their claws to scratch those who wound their egos. That said, they don't need to be liked — they just need to be popular.

Outsiders tend to be overwhelmed by Leo's flair for theatrics, but they're incredibly loyal, generous, and loving. They're always one to be unconditionally kind to others, and they have a generous and tender side that's seen by those they care about and are close to. Leos tend to stand by their word and never give in to anything that makes them contradict their beliefs, so they're usually all-in on any partnership or project they sign up for. When a Leo loves you, it's forever. Just know they'll check in with their closest friends and family members periodically to make sure they're in each other's thoughts and the relationship is even-keeled.

Leo Compatibility

Before diving into Leo compatibility, it's important to note that any zodiac sign can be a perfect match for the Lion. However, certain zodiac pairings may be better fits than others.

Leo and Leo

Although Leos love being in the limelight, they're not afraid to share it with others who are equally as passionate. When two Leos match up, they'll freely brag about their partner's successes and achievements. Sparks will fly from their determined and emotional nature, which will tie them together like a moth to a flame. They won't be afraid of having uncomfortable conversations (and at times, arguments) that will ultimately bring them closer. They'll surely be a dramatic couple, but they'll always want to work through their problems because of their loyal hearts.

Leo and Aries

A pairing between these two fire signs canspur self-growth.Aries will look to Leo for excitement and fun, while Leo will guide Aries as a teacher. Leo can teach Aries to be more confident and encourage them to take part in more social activities, and Aries can give Leo knowledge and insight about the world around them. Ultimately, both parties will grow and evolve throughout this relationship.

Leo and Sagittarius

When these two fire signs get together, they will have plenty of philosophical conversations: The partnership is based on intellectualism, so they can open each other's minds to new viewpoints. Since Sagittarius is known to love escaping the daily grind and going on exotic vacations, they'll get Leo out of their comfort zone and break away from the mundane activities in life. Leo will also offer mutable Sagittarius stability, as the loyal Lion will always stick around.

Leo and Libra

Leo and Libra both know how to create a sustainable relationship that can last for years to come. Both signs are extremely dedicated to their partners and will always want to put in the effort to maintain the spark that drew them together in the first place. Since Libra is ruled by Venus and is more docile than Leo, they'll let their partner shine and support them through any challenge. Plus, they're both creative-minded people, so they'll have long talks about art, theater, and music, visit museums, and go to concerts. Their artistic connection will give them plenty to talk about and experience together. Therefore, the relationship can transcend and grow through time.

Leo and Gemini

Leo and Gemini make for better friends than romantic partners. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is in close proximity to the sun (Leo's ruling planet), so they'll energetically feed off of each other and become thick as thieves. They both share a lust for life and believe the world is their oyster. They'll go on adventure-filled vacations and fill up their IG grids with photos that make all their followers envious. Although Leo likes to take charge and call the shots in relationships, Gemini is known to be flexible, so they'll always let Leo plan out their excursions. In return, Leo will allow Gemini to be the free spirit they were born to be.

Leo Zodiac Sign Wellness Guide

Self Care

Leo's self-care routine looks very different from other zodiac signs. Rather than soaking in hot baths or getting facials like a Taurus, for example, they'd much rather be decompressing on the beach and meditating on their goals. Since Leos are often in the spotlight, they'll do well to enjoy moments of solitude with loved ones, quietly reading about their passions, or eating a decadent meal. Massage and acupuncture are also essential for Leos to keep the blood flowing, as it allows their hearts to open up and blossom.


Leos love any activity that gets their heart racing and body dripping with sweat. They'll benefit from a high-energy cardio workout, such as sprints on the treadmill, an upbeat cycling class, or a HIIT session, which will surely make them feel powerful. When they're in the mood for a low-impact workout, it's best to opt for hot yoga or speed walking to get cardio without killing their joints. If a Leo is in your class, you'll probably recognize them immediately — Leos tend to choose a spot that's front and center so they can show off their moves.

Beauty and Skin Care

Given their high level of self confidence and self love, it's no wonder Leos enjoy glaring at themselves in the mirror every day, and they'll likely spend a good portion of their beauty routine simply looking over their features. Since Leos are also passionate and fiery by nature, they'll opt to try the biggest, boldest trends on the market. In practice, they might use dramatic eyeliner to create the ultimate cat eye, apply body glitter all over, and paint their nails with red, coral, or gold (their power colors) polish to ignite their confidence. When it comes to skin care, jovial Leo should pick a routine that focuses on moisturizing as their skin can get dry as the children of the sun.

The Wellness Takeaway for the Leo Zodiac Sign

Just like real-life lions, fiery Leos are always on the move, and they'll put their energy to good use in high-intensity workouts and souped-up beauty routines. Still, constantly being the center of attention can be exhausting, and they'll do well to spend some time alone and process all the passionate conversations they engage in each day.

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