What the 'Love Is Blind' Couples' Astrology Says About Their Compatibility

An astrologer weighs in on whether these couples were destined for success or failure from the beginning, according to their sun signs.

Love Is Blind Season 2 Couples Astrology - Iyanna McNeely, Jarrette Jones in season 2 of Love Is Blind
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Since the first season of Netflix's Love Is Blind premiered back in early 2020, the reality show has earned plenty of bragging rights. Thanks to the successful marriages between season 1 cast members Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed and Amber Pike and Matt Barnett, hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey were able to tell season two contestants that the social experiment, indeed, has been "proven" to work.

Once again, 30 men and women met, speed dating-style, in closed pods, and were challenged to connect without seeing one another's physical appearance. Only once they had fallen in love and become engaged were couples allowed to see one another. Then, they had to contend with the challenge of seeing if their nascent relationships could survive IRL.

On February 25, the Love Is Blind season 2 finale — aka "the wedding episode" — dropped on the streaming platform, and fans found out which couples said "I do" and which left the altar in tears. And if you're wondering how the cast members' natal astrology might explain the couples' compatibility and ability to make it or break up, you're in the right place.

Here, the scoop on each of the final couple's astrological compatibility, based on their sun signs. Warning to LIB fans who somehow have yet to binge the finale: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Iyanna McNeely (Taurus) & Jarrette Jones (Scorpio)

Iyanna McNeely, a Taurus born on April 20, 1994, and Jarette Jones, a Scorpio born on November 5, 1989, had off-the-charts chemistry from episode 1 on. They connected on a deep emotional level, with Jarrette opening up to McNeely about almost losing his life the year prior. After getting engaged and meeting face-to-face, Jones told the cameras, "She just fits like a glove when I hug her. I didn't expect her to look like that. Her voice does not match what she looks like but I'm happy as hell. Wow."

There was a bit of friction around Jones originally thinking he might propose to Mallory Zapata and the couple realizing, upon returning to Chicago, that they're very different in terms of how they like to spend their free time. (McNeely's a typical Taurean homebody while Jones likes to go out.) But in the end, the couple worked on each challenge as it came up and happily made it to "I do."

Taurus and Scorpio sit opposite one another in the zodiac — in other words, they're "sister" signs. Ruled by pleasure-first Venus, Taureans are conflict-averse, prefer to chill out, soak up beautiful art and sumptuous food, and take it easy. Meanwhile, Scorpio, co-ruled by aggressive Mars and transformative Pluto, is super-intense, wanting to live their best life in a bolder, more take-charge way. But these two fixed signs are both up for committing to doing the work of a long-term relationship. As a calm Taurus, McNeely can help Jones feel more grounded and centered, and as an intuitive Scorpio, Jones helps McNeely swim in deeper emotions. Judging by their astrology and how the season played out, these two have incredible lasting power and are the season two couple most likely to follow in Cam and Lauren's shippable footsteps.

Danielle Ruhl (Scorpio) & Nick Thompson (Taurus)

Danielle Ruhl, a Scorpio born on November 6, 1992, and Nick Thompson, a Taurus born on May 13, 1985, knew just how strong their connection was right off the bat. Neither seemed interested in any other LIB contestants, and by the end of episode 1, they were engaged. "I'm ready to be married to him tomorrow," Ruhl told the cameras. "I am not going to let anything get in the way of this."

Once they moved their relationship into the real world, the head-over-heels couple hit several rough patches, navigating Ruhl's panic attack in Mexico, a bit of discord with family members, and Thompson encouraging Ruhl not to go through with their vows because he "wasn't 100% sure that she was 100% sure," but healthy communication between the pair ultimately led them to tie the knot.

Their commitment to seeing each challenge through illustrates how two fixed signs — especially opposites — will dig their heels in to do the work of a relationship. (Side note: If you need a refresher on cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs, here's a guide to the zodiac signs.) Chances are, the couple who bonded over being sensitive and empathic, connect not only as fixed signs but through shared, emotional water energy, as Thompson's moon — aka his emotional compass — appears to fall in Pisces, which is trine (a harmonious angle) to Ruhl's Scorpio. In other words, these two are all in, get one another, and could very well make it through "a whole life of 50-something odd years together," as Thompson cheerfully noted.

Shayne Jensen (Taurus) & Natalie Lee (Pisces)

Shayne Jensen, a Taurus born on May 10, 1989, and Natalie Lee, a Pisces born on March 13, 1992, hit it off quickly. There was plenty of drama around Jensen's connection with Shaina, a Virgo born on September 11, 1989, but ultimately, he proposed to Lee, and the pair proceeded to explore their relationship IRL. (If you're wondering, Taurus and Virgo are both earth signs, making them classically compatible.) While the pair didn't end up going through with tying the knot — thanks to a blow-up fight they had the night prior — fans speculate that they've been working on their differences and are actually still together.

Classically, grounded earth sign Taurus and imaginative water sign Pisces are a harmonious match. Jensen can help Lee turn whatever they've been dreaming about into something concrete, while Lee can show Jensen how to move from the physical and sensual to the spiritual and creative. The pair might also share an airy connection, with words of affirmation-loving Gemini in Jensen's chart and intellectual-minded Aquarius in Lee's. A fun-loving friendship is at the core of their bond, which could translate to a lasting bond, if they're both willing to sort through the "big issues" Lee referred to in the season finale.

Mallory Zapata (Pisces) & Salvador Perez (Aries)

Zapata, a Pisces born on March 15, 1989, and Salvador "Sal" Perez, a fiery Aries born on March 28, 1990, bonded over their shared Latin roots and love for family life. Although Zapata and Jones (a fellow watery Scorpio) connected in a major way at the same time, Zapata ended up choosing Perez, who wrote a song that he adorably serenaded her with in the pods. The two didn't have incredible physical chemistry initially, but continued to pursue their relationship, and in the end, respectfully agreed not to wed.

In general, Pisces and Aries might have an awkward connection. The last sign of the zodiac and the first don't share the same element or quality (meaning mutable, fixed, cardinal), and so they lack a natural spark. It's possible that Zapata actually has some fire in her birth chart, and Perez, being the vulnerable, sensitive sweetheart he appears to be throughout the show, most likely has some water in his. So they're probably quite a bit alike. Whether or not that means they've stayed together post-"I don't" remains to be seen. FWIW, while talking about his life post-Love Is Blind life, Perez told Us Weekly, "I am very happy. And I know Mallory is very happy too."

Deepti Vempati (Aquarius) and Abhishek Chatterjee (Virgo)

Deepti Vempati, an Aquarius born on January 30, 1991, and Abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee, born on September 7, 1988, seemed like an unlikely pair. Chatterjee started out the season clearly uninterested in the whole point of the show, attempting to suss out his dates' weights. He also noted that he's usually attracted to women who are blonde and white. But after having an epiphany about how superficial he was being and admitting that he might've been projecting his own insecurities — rooted in being overweight as a child — into his love life, he and Vempati decided to get engaged. But ultimately, Chatterjee's need for more physical attraction led to a split at the altar.

Fixed air sign Aquarius and mutable earth sign Virgo are quincunx, which points to a lack of organic harmony. The way they connect best is — you guessed it — intellectually. Both are humanitarian and want to be of service to others (no wonder Chatterjee is a veterinarian), but their connection tends to be primarily platonic. While other aspects of their natal chart might have made them feel like their bond was worth exploring, it seems like there just wasn't enough chemistry for them to go all the way. (And Chatterjee seems like he has some growing up to do.)

Thankfully for Vempati, Aquarians are innately independent-minded and know that if they're not with "somebody who knows for sure," they really will do best to choose themselves.

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