An In-Depth Wellness Guide to the Taurus Zodiac Sign

Learn what workouts to test, self-care activities to try, and beauty practices to indulge in to make the most of your Taurus zodiac sign — all according to an astrologer.

If you're looking for a ride-or-die bestie, a dependable trainer who's always early to your workouts, or a partner who will always be by your side, you'll want to hunt down a Taurus to fill the role.

Taureans are particularly partnership-oriented, and they see the world through their connection with others. As such, they're practically as loyal as a golden retriever. On the off chance a relationship — whether it be with a gym buddy, S.O., or boss — doesn't work out, they'll still opt to resolve any disagreements before calling it quits. But for those who have a Taurus zodiac sign, devotion to others isn't their only stand-out trait: They also view life through an artistic lens, so they feel as though it's an incredible experience that must be carried out to its fullest.

To get a feel for all that the Taurus zodiac sign has to offer, read the guide below to learn stats, traits, compatibility, and a wellness guide that will help you optimize your health and fitness goals.

Taurus Zodiac Sign Quick Stats

  • Taurus Dates: April 19 - May 20
  • Taurus Symbol: The Bull ♉️
  • Taurus Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Taurus Element: Earth
  • Taurus Modality: Fixed
  • Taurus Ruling House: 2nd house of material wealth, security, and confidence
  • Taurus Key Traits: Loyal, dependable, creative, artistic, and stubborn

Taurus Characteristics and Personality Traits

Since Tauruses are ruled by the planet Venus, they love, well, love, and not just in the romantic sense — their family, pals in their Peloton community, and even close co-workers are just as important as their current boo. While they're loyal individuals, Tauruses also mean business when it comes to matters of the heart, and they need to make sure they feel safe in a partnership before fully committing. But when they finally seal the deal, they'll stick with it for life, so long as they feel appreciated and not taken for granted.

In terms of careers, creative Taureans often gravitate toward the arts, as they have many talents they need to let shine. They're not afraid to hustle, and they know how to work smarter — not harder — which allows them to negotiate the best terms in contracts and salaries, as well as take on even more artistic endeavors. The caveat: They'll never veer from their vision or aesthetic, thanks to their stubborn nature, which is why it's best to let them do their own thing and have freedom in their creative efforts.

When they're not expressing themselves through art or spending time with their loved ones, Tauruses can be found practicing all forms of self-care, as they're one of the most hedonistic zodiac signs. As the fixed Earth sign, Tauruses enjoy indulging in all the pleasures of life without apology. That's why you might find them buying themselves flowers, booking themselves a massage, or taking a solo vacation to a magical destination.

To get a better understanding of the total Taurean aesthetic, think of fellow Bulls such as Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox, Cher, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jessica Alba, Janet Jackson, and Adele.

Taurus Compatibility

Before diving into Taurus compatibility, it's important to note that any zodiac sign can be a perfect match for the Bull. However, certain zodiac pairings may be better than others.

Taurus and Leo, Taurus and Scorpio, & Taurus and Aquarius

A relationship can turn stale when Taureans unite with other fixed signs, including Leos, Scorpios, and Aquarians. These zodiac signs offer dependability to Tauruses, but they don't give them a lot of incentive to create. Plus, these signs generally don't act spontaneously, so the partnership's energy can become boring after a while. Even though Tauruses can be rigid, they like to cut loose on a whim more often than the other fixed signs.

Taurus and Leo

These mismatched pairings may even spark conflict. Take, for example, a pairing between a Taurus and a Leo. Although the signs often find each other and align together in the world, they both have stubborn personalities that cause them to butt heads. Leos can also be a bit dramatic, while Taureans like to maintain a chill vibe, which can spur even more tension.

Taurus and Virgo & Taurus and Capricorn

So, which signs are compatible with Tauruses? Virgos and Capricorns tend to align nicely with the Bull. These Earth signs all like to work hard and play hard, which can lead to long nights sipping cocktails, striking up deep conversations, and connecting on a personal level.

Taurus and Cancer & Taurus and Pisces

Tauruses also pair well with Cancers and Pisces, both of which are water signs. Earth needs water to grow, and water needs Earth to contain it. Translation: They need each other to develop and keep their emotions in control. But the relationship could turn sour if the Cancer or Pisces flakes on plans. Due to their emotional nature, water signs often cancel at the last minute, but to a Taurus, punctuality and committing to plans are just as important as committing to a friendship or relationship. After all, Taureans work hard and have a very limited amount of free time, so it's important for them to ensure that others follow through.

Taurus and Gemini & Taurus and Libra

Tauruses may also share many laughs with Geminis, who are ruled by Mercury, and Libras, who are also ruled by Venus. All of these zodiac signs enjoy gossiping together, and you can count on them to blow up the group chat with the latest hilarious celeb news. That said, Taurus can be argumentative when they don't agree with others' views, and the two air signs tend to be more quick-witted than Tauruses, which can make the Bull feel left in the dust.

Taurus Zodiac Sign Wellness Guide


Due to their hedonistic nature, Tauruses are obsessed with self-care, so they'll spend a large chunk of their free time getting restorative treatments, such as massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures. They might even receive a luxe hair treatment on a weekly basis or regularly purchase the latest must-have wellness products to amp up their self-care routine. Sleep is also an essential component of Tauruses' self-care regimens — if they don't catch 10 to 12 hours of sleep, they'll surely lock horns with others.


Remember, Taureans are all about working smarter, so they tend to steer clear of exhausting high-impact sports and HIIT workouts. Instead, they'll enjoy chill, yet effective, workouts such as yoga, Pilates, and cycling. Since Tauruses value partnership, they may also be obsessed with partner workouts, such as acroyoga or equipment-free, strength-building sweat sessions.

Beauty and Skin Care

Since their planetary ruler is Venus, the goddess of beauty, Tauruses take their beauty and skin-care routines very seriously. In fact, their bedtime routines might even be an hour-long, multi-step ordeal featuring exfoliating and anti-aging treatments and deep-conditioning hair masks. They'll use the latest and greatest moisturizers, serums, and acne-fighting products. When they're ready to meet up with their gym buddy for happy hour or their S.O. for a chill brunch, they'll still make sure they're fully glammed-up — or at least wearing lipstick. Even if they're hanging out at home, they'll ensure their hair is perfectly groomed.

The Wellness Takeaway for the Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taureans can become hyperfocused on their outer being, which is why it's essential for them to consider how they can improve their spirit and soul, as well. Just think of fellow Taurus Cher Horowitz from Clueless, who opted to makeover her inner self after focusing on her outer beauty for so long beauty. Tauruses can do just that by incorporating meditation, journaling, and other methods of self-reflection into their lives.

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