How to Use Virgo Season to Up Your Wellness Game, No Matter Your Sign

This Virgo season, you'll feel empowered to care for yourself in small, seriously effective ways. Here's how every zodiac sign can harness its energy.

Virgo Wellness Guide
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If your health and wellness routine has taken a backseat in recent months, you're in luck: It's officially Virgo season, which occurs annually from approximately August 22 to September 22. This time of year presents the chance to find beauty and fulfillment in the details, get ahead on everyday to-dos, and be of service to not only others but to yourself. Since the sign is associated with the sixth house of daily routine and health, Virgo season also encourages you to hone in on and perfect your self-improvement and wellness strategies.

And Virgos themselves aren't the only folks who can benefit from this revitalizing time period. Here, your guide to bolstering your well-being this Virgo season, no matter your zodiac sign.

How Virgo Season Can Support Your Health and Fitness

While the second half of August and the first half of September are dedicated to celebrating all Virgos, every sign is affected by the sun's trip through the sign of the Maiden. That's because each sun sign season, which lasts about four weeks, has its own unique way of influencing your perspective. And it also affects the areas of life you're most inclined to devote your time and energy to throughout that month-long period.

As a mutable sign, Virgo is one of the most flexible, and, yes, occasionally indecisive signs of the zodiac, which means this moment offers the chance to foster your adaptability. Since it's also an earth sign, Virgo is one of the most pragmatic and grounded signs, so this season can also amplify your ability to get more centered and organized. You might focus on planning out your weekly workouts or making a point to hit the farmer's market on Sunday and dive into meal prep.

Virgo is also one of two signs ruled by Mercury — the planet of communication, transportation, and technology (the other is Gemini). In turn, Virgo season is the time to take advantage of magnified mental energy and connect with others. IRL, this energy could lead you to enjoy group fitness classes, make hiking plans with friends, or feel ready and able to talk through an emotional issue that's been weighing on your mind.

Similarly, Virgo is the sign associated with the sixth house, which is the sector of a birth chart that involves health, everyday routines and schedules, and even pets, which are absolutely connected to well-being. For that reason, Virgo season is one of the most beneficial for cranking up your daily commitment to self-improvement — physical, emotional, and mental.

How to Make the Most of Virgo Season and Up Your Wellness Game

No matter what your natal chart looks like, it can pay to harness the power of Virgo season to hit your fitness and health goals. Here are a few Virgoan activities to consider incorporating into your regimen from now until September 22.

Focus On Gut Health

Every sign has ruling body parts, and Virgo's is the digestive system. There's even a mind-body connection for the earth sign, as their frequent overthinking and worry — spurred by their planetary ruler, Mercury — can occasionally lead to digestive upset. On a positive note, however, they're one of the most intuitive signs, and that power often comes from learning to tap into their gut. Consider these lessons during this season by exploring mindful eating, incorporating probiotic-rich foods (think: fermented foods) onto your plate, and even practicing yoga poses that nurture the gut.

Get Into Your Favorite Yoga Flow

Speaking of yoga, the practice has been linked to reduced stress and anxiety, both of which cerebral Virgos tend to be incredibly conscious of and susceptible to experiencing. This Virgo season, try a slow restorative yoga class that nourishes your parasympathetic nervous system (which is responsible for your body's rest and digest response — e.g. lowering stress and blood pressure and relaxing muscles) or a sweaty Vinyasa session. Regardless of which flow you choose, stepping on your mat can help you get out of your head and into your breath and body.

Create a Thoughtfully Curated Workout Playlist

As lovers of technology, list-making, and afternoons spent reading the Wikipedia pages of their favorite artists, Virgos are pros at pulling together the ultimate soundtrack to any workout. There's no doubt you'll find plenty of Virgoan instructors at your fave fitness studio where music is a key element of the workout. For that reason, take time to hop on your favorite streaming platform and pull together a playlist that speaks to your current mindset, intentions, or specific goals this Virgo season. You could make one to listen to while improvising your own Hatha flow or another that'll fire you up and give you a motivation boost to head to that boxing class. One album you may want to consider for playlist inspo? RENAISSANCE by the Queen of all Virgos, Beyoncé.

Prioritize Preventive Health Services

Sure, paying a visit to your ob-gyn or tackling that health insurance issue probably sounds like the last thing you want to do when summer days are rapidly dwindling. But if there was ever a time to get 'em checked off your list, it's Virgo season, given that the earth sign is all about everyday wellness. What's more, because Virgo is ruled by inquisitive Mercury, you might find you're more empowered than usual to assert yourself in these instances and ensure all your questions and concerns have been addressed.

Practice Meditation and Deep Breathing

Because Virgoan energy is so mentally charged, you could be looking for a way to slow your brain down and soothe your nerves. And meditation and deep breathing — ideally in nature — can do the trick. Even just five minutes spent on your balcony or backyard soaking up the sun, perhaps while practicing a breathing exercise designed to relieve stress, can feel deeply nourishing and centering.

The Bottom Line On Virgo Season and Boosting Your Wellness

The most cerebral earth sign might be painted as a hypercritical, worrisome neat freak by some on social media. But the truth is that Virgo is one of the most magical, intuitive, and health-conscious signs of the whole zodiac. The earth sign uniquely sees the beauty of making the most of every day and caring for others — and yourself — in small but effective ways. That said, every sign can use the thoughtful, detail-oriented energy of Virgo season to support and make progress on health and fitness aspirations.

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