Athleta is encouraging meditation and mindfulness while promoting their new Restore collection.
Photo: Athleta

If you've been curious about mindfulness, this is your chance to find out what it's all about. From August 9th through August 13th, Athleta will hold a free 30-minute meditation session at each of its 133 locations across the country.

The chain will offer "Permission to Pause" meditation sessions designed by Unplug Meditation, which will focus on the basics of how to incorporate mindfulness all day long, not just when sitting down to meditate. Participants will learn techniques to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life, including a 16-second meditation technique. (Here's a technique that will help you clear your mind.) The class will cater to all levels of experience, says Andréa Mallard, chief marketing officer at Athleta.

"You can be the biggest skeptic in the world, the earliest beginner, or you could be a devotee-there's going to be something for you here," Mallard says.

Athleta is holding the events to promote its new Restore collection, which is made with soft, sustainable fabrics meant to be conducive to meditation and relaxation. The events are part of Athleta's "Permission to Pause" campaign, which is all about allowing yourself to prioritize self-care. (Here's what happened when one writer prioritized self-care for one week.)

The events will kick off on August 9th and run through August 13th. Visit the "store classes and events" calendar on the company's store locator to find a session near you.