This Water Bottle Is the Only Thing That Gets Me to Drink Enough Water

Despite owning more than 30 water bottles, I never ever drank enough water. Until I tried this Avana water bottle.

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Considering the endless options out there for water bottles these days, I really wasn't expecting to be wowed by yet any particular design on the scene. Until I tried the Avana water bottle (Buy It, $40, Since trying this insulated, stainless steel water bottle, I've annoyingly recommended it to every friend and coworker who will listen, and can't imagine ever finding a water bottle I love more.

But before I dive into the features that truly sold me on this bottle for life, let me back up and explain my problem with every other water bottle I've tried.

Working at a health publication has made me fully aware of the importance of drinking enough water on a daily basis, which means I own more water bottles than will properly fit in two kitchen cabinets (sorry to my roommate). Still, I've struggled for years to remember to actually use them. On a typical morning in the office, I'd fill up a huge insulated bottle, fumble with the cap, and quickly spill a mini waterfall all over myself — then leave it untouched on my desk for the rest of the day while I drank more coffee.

Straw tumblers helped me drink more water, but they're not exactly the most practical for on-the-go hydration. And while there are travel-friendly water bottles out there with built-in straws, they tend to not be insulated and can be difficult to clean. (Plus, TBH, it always struck me as rather unhygienic that you have to use your fingers to lift up the straw that then goes directly into your mouth.)

Then I tried the Avana water bottle. At first glance, these bottles may seem just like every other one out there — or even those currently occupying your kitchen cabinet. Until you spot the hidden straw inside the lip of the bottle. The patented FreeSip spout lets you sip the bottle upright (you don't even have to lift the bottle off your desk), or tilt it back to swig. Similar to other stainless steel, insulated bottles, it keeps your water cold for up to 24 hours and keeps warm beverages such as coffee or tea hot for 12 hours. It also features a retractable carry loop — and is truly leak-proof, so I can throw it in my bag next to my laptop without fear.

Did I mention they're available in multiple sizes, models, and colors? My favorite is the large Avana Beckridge Stainless Steel Double-Wall Insulated Water Bottle (Buy It, $45,, but there's also the Ashbury Avana water bottle model (Buy It, from $35, for even more color options and a slimmer bottle. If you're willing to forego the built-in straw, there's a glass Avana water bottle (Buy It, $35, that you can try.

Another plus? The brand also has a charitable component, as the brand partners with non-profits to directly sponsor projects bringing clean water to people who don't have reliable access to the necessity.

It sounds like a joke to say a water bottle has been life-changing, but my Avana water bottle is truly the only one I've tried that makes me actually drink as much water as I'm supposed to — virtually eliminating my inevitable 3 p.m. dehydration headache — and that's more than I can say for most of my Amazon impulse purchases.

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