This Subreddit Is Devoted to Correcting Cringeworthy Misconceptions About Women's Bodies

Further proof that sex education is in desperate need of some changes.

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Fact: There is a ton of misinformation about how women's bodies work. But if you've ever wondered just how woefully ignorant some people are, this viral Reddit thread is about to blow your mind.

Dubbed "Bad Women's Anatomy", the subreddit has become home to stories of ridiculous mansplaining incidents and head-scratching questions about female anatomy — all of which seem to lead to the inevitable conclusion that America's sex education programs are in dire need of some changes. (See: Sex Education In the U.S. Is Broken—Sustain Wants to Fix It)

Exhibit A: A user who recalled the time their husband genuinely believed that periods can only start in the morning (SMH).

"We were supposed to hang out with two close friends at 7 p.m. and our plans had to change when I got in the shower and noticed some slight discoloration in my underwear at 5 p.m.," shared the Reddit user. "My husband tried to tell me it wasn't my period as it was 'too late in the day. They start in the mornings'… I guess I skipped the lesson of how my uterus decides when to start shedding and not my social calendar." (

Another user shared that, after revealing in their social media bio that they'd had a hysterectomy, a man reached out and asked if that meant they didn't have a vagina anymore. "Holy moly my dude," they responded to the DM, according to the post. "I'm sorry the American education system failed you so horribly." (FTR, here's what a hysterectomy actually is.)

It doesn't end there. In addition to being clueless about the female body, some people don't even understand how contraception works. One Redditor, for instance, revealed that their sister's 20-year-old ex-boyfriend used to believe an IUD was a "cage that catches sperm and has to be taken out to pour out sperm regularly." You literally can't make this stuff up. (

Cringeworthy posts aside, the subreddit has also been a place where some people ask innocent, legit questions about their bodies — such as questions about squirting. "I started squirting recently but hey.. There actually is a mild pee smell I think," a Reddit user shared in a recent post. "Is something wrong? Genuine question!" In fact, fellow Redditors were quite helpful and shared everything from articles to their own experiences to help spread some knowledge about female ejaculation. (

There's plenty more where that came from. So whether you need to commiserate with others on the frustrations of mansplaining or you have a genuine question you'd like some opinions on, prepare to lose yourself in this subreddit for hours.

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